Below: Lis/Lys/Liss/Lyss families with unknown family connections.

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Great grandfather of Ken Liss (from Minsk and Pinsk; then to New York; then to San Francisco) [INFO FROM Ken Liss <>]

grandfather of Ken Liss

father of Ken Liss

Ken Liss

a brother (remained in NY)

father of Shimon and Label INFO FROM Sue (Liss) Soloway <>

Shimon Liss (from near Minsk; name was never shortenedhouse painter; came to UK in 1900s with wife Mary), m. Mary (xxxx) Liss




Harry Liss (youngest)

Label Liss (moved to USA around 1900--maybe to New York)




From Chasseh (near Kletsk), a small shtetl in the Slutsk district of the Minsk Gubernia about 69 miles SW of the city of Minsk in Belarus; came to North America at Halifax, Nova Scotiz in 1910 and settled in Minneapolis, MN [INFO FROM Barbara Lipson Liss <>]

Zorach Liss (from Byelorussia, a small village called Chasseh, between Minsk and Pinsk; most of the family emigrated to the U.S.A. 1900-1925, to Minneapolis and North Adams, MA) [INFO FROM Barbara/Bobbie Simmons <> AND Reid Simmons <> VIA Harvey Liss <>]

grandfather of Barbara/Bobbie Simmons

father of Barbara/Bobbie Simmons

Barbara/Bobbie Simmons

Reid Simmons


Shmuel Fucs/Fox>>Liss>>Lis (perished in the Holocost) [INFO FROM Hannan Lis <>], m. Chana (xxxx) Lis

Joseph Lis (family immigrated to Warsaw, Poland in the 18th century from Germany; original family name was the Jewish German name of Fucs/Fox; name switched to Liss the Polish name for fox immigrating to Poland; later, changed to Lis; with siblings, escaped to Russia and spent WWII in Siberia)

Hannan Lis

3 other siblings

David Liss (means "fox" in Polish; not a shortened name; from Poland about 1900) [INFO FROM Edward Liss <>]

father of Edward Liss

Edward Liss

Father of Nathan Liss and siblings of Nathan Liss [INFO FROM Dr Steven Liss <>]

siblings of Nathan Liss (one lived in Chicago area)

Nathan Liss (came from Poland; a common Polish name; means "Fox"; immigrated to North America in early 1900), m. Celia Silb(v)ert (m. 1916)

Arthur Liss (d. 1997), b. 1917, m. Belle (Shuster) Liss

Steven Liss

Steven Liss (son of Arthur/Belle), b. 1957

A Liss (Lis) family from Bialystok, Poland [INFO FROM Sam Dorevitch <>]

Louis Liss (from Poland; grandfather of Batsheva Liss; born Russia, late 1800's) [INFO FROM Bat Sheva Liss <>], m. Bertha (xxxx) Liss

David Liss

Batsheva Liss

Irving Liss

Mae Liss (oldest daughter, never married)

Francis (Liss) Spaeth (the youngest; moved to Maryland), m. Mel Spaeth

Morris (Moshe Meshel) Liss (pronounced "Lees"; from the Bialystok area; to Boston about 1906; then to NYC; a paper hangar; had cousins in Cleveland, perhaps named Lefkofsky or Lipshitz; d. 1938, NYC) [INFO FROM Marvin Liss <>]

father of Marvin Liss

Marvin Liss


Mordecai Liss (?from Bereza/Antopol , Russia; d. 1901), b. 1831, m. Sarah Liss (d. 1910) [INFO FROM Stuart Liss <>]

Shachna Liss (came to the US, 1899; d. 1937), b. 1856

Reuben Liss (emigrated to Argentina; d. 1936), b. 1858

Joseph Liss (d. 1940, Warsaw), b. 1860


Grandfather of Dov Baer Liss [INFO FROM Lou Liss <>]

father of Dov Baer Liss (family was resident in Nikolayev/Mikolayev for part of their history; Lou Liss: "Mikolayev and Nickolayev") (Lou Liss: "The last place of residence in Russia of my family line was Nikolayev, or sometimes pronounced Mikolayev in the Ukraine, Russia. End of the 1800's: Nikolayev/Mikolayev was the homeport for the Russian Black Sea Fleet. As a security measure Jews were not allowed to live in the city proper. Instead lived in the surrounding villages. My grandfather DOV BAER LISS was the youngest son in his family. He had a number of brothers and sisters whom I have not been able to track down. His father who would have been my great grandfather also had a number of brothers and sisters whom I have not been able to track down. My father mentioned having cousins living in Liverpool, England. He stayed with them before he sailed from Liverpool for the US in 1899 approx. In fact he sailed togther with an English cousin by the name of LEV. I have never been able to determine whether LEV was a first name or a last. In Nikolayev my family had owned and operated "a gabarnia" a tannery. Some of the brothers in each generation and, there were many brothers, were in the caravan trade operating as far afield as India and China, bringing back sheep, goat, lamb hides for processing in the tannery and subsequent sale. My family, to the best anecdotal informational available to me, migrated from LISSA, or as the Poles called it LESZNO. It was a border

several brothers and sisters

Eilyk Lys (born 1830-1835) INFO FROM Leonid Lys at Ilya Royzner <>

Srulyk/Isruel Lys (born 1902; was from KORNITSA, LIAHOVETSKY district, now called Belogorsky; = KAMENETS - PODOLSKY region, now called Khmelnitsky; moved to Iziaslav in 1933)

Leonid Lys (born 1933)


Hana Lys (killed 1943, Iziaslav)

male Lys (went to to the USA before 1917; wrote to Leonid's family in 1946-1947 )

Iosiph Lys (killed 1943, Iziaslav)

Chaim Tzvi Liss INFO FROM Bradford T. Ulery <> and Leslie Eager <>

Joseph Leon Liss (b. abt 1857, Russia, Krasilov; d. 1941, St. Louis, MO; married in Russia; in 1911, came to USA via Montreal, then by rail to St. Louis, MO, with 3 of his 9 children [Hyman, Morris, Fannie]; Gittel, 2 girls, and 4 boys arrived in August, 1914; Joseph was a rag peddler, later had a clothing store; Gittel grew vegetables and had a grape arbor on Semple Avenue in St. Louis. In Russia, she had a cow and raised vegetables.), b. ca. 1857, m. Gittel-Gussie (Tanzer) Liss (b. abt 1858 or 1872, Russia; d. 21 June 1952 St. Louis, MO; daughter of Hareem Tenzer and Goldie)

Chaim-Hyman Liss (b. 1888, Krasilov; d. 1956; named after his paternal grandfather; to USA 1911--see father's record), b. 1888, m. Anna Shapiro (b. 1892, d. 1956)

Moishe-Morris Liss (b. 4 Jul 1893, Krasilov, Russia; d. 1963; to USA 1911--see father's record), b. 4 July 1893, m. Nellie Siwak (b. 2 Nov 1897; d. Dec 1981, St. Louis, MO)

Fayga-Fanny (Liss) Schwedt (b. 26 Feb 1894, Krasilov, Russia; d. 30 June 1962; married 23 May before 1920; Fanny liked to play cards a lot; to USA 1911--see father's record), b. 26 February 1894, m. Isadore Schwedt (b. 17 Sep; d. 25 Dec 1953)

Channa-Anna (Liss) Friarman (b. 1897, Krasilov, Russia; d. 16 Jun 1985; to USA 1914--see father's record), b. 1897, m. Martel Friarman (b. 1888/94, Zitomar, Ukraine; d. 29 Nov 1954)

Mollya-Molly (Liss) Schram (aka "Big Molly," "Black Molly"; b. abt 1899, Krasilov, Russia; to USA 1914--see father's record), b. ca. 1899, m. Julius Schram

Yonkel-Jack Liss (b. 25 Jan 1904 Krasilov, Russia; d. 16 Sep 1974, Ladue, MO; to USA 1914--see father's record), b. 25 January 1904, m. Molly (Rothman) Liss (aka "Little Molly"; b. 30 Mar 1906; d. 16 Jan 1974. St. Louis, MO)

Itzak Isador-Raymond-Ray Liss (b. abt 1907, Krasilov, Russia; d. late 1980s, Hawaii; married "later in life"; to USA 1914--see father's record), b. ca. 1907, m. Rose (Kubernick) Liss (b. 3 Jan 1912; d. Sep 1994, Honolulu, Hawaii)

Sruel-Sidney-Sid Liss (b. 6 March 1910, Krasilov, Russia; d. 2 Jul 1984, St. Louis, MO; married 29 May 1934; to USA 1914--see father's record), b. 6 March 1910, m. Mary (Zamel) Liss (b. 26 Nov 1909; d. 24 Dec 1992, St. Louis, MO)

Cheel-Harry" Liss (b. abt 1911, Krasilov, Russia; d. 22 Mar 1999; married 1928/9; to USA 1914--see father's record), b. ca. 1911, m. Minnie-Minn (Goldstein) Liss (b. 15 Mar 1903; d. Oct 1977)

stillborn, b. aft. 1912?

Shaya Lisker [INFO FROM Doris Kohn <> and her book on her Nikolyaev families]

Sara Lisker, b. 1883

Please see Daniel Kazez's Lis tree here:

Jacob Liss (great grandparents of Rabbi Janet Liss; came from Kiev about 1905; lived in Philadelphia; perhaps a name change, from Lishansky) [INFO FROM Rabbi Janet Liss <], m. Kaila (xxxx) Liss

6 children, none living

Uda Liss (from Proskurov, Russia; emigrated to Israel after pogrom in Proskurov on 15 Jul 1922; left with 7 children, and 8th was born in USA; immigrated to NYC around 1930; was a carpenter) INFO FROM Brenda Buchbinder <>, m. Bella (xxxx) Liss

Israel Liss, b. ca. 1919

Brenda (Liss) Buchbinder, m. xxxx Buchbinder

Jacob Liss (all persons on this branch born in Mikoliev/Mikolaiev, Russia, until move to USA; name was never shortened; d. 1875/1881) [INFO FROM George Liss <>], b. ?, m. ?Scheindel (xxxx) Liss (d. 1895?)

Jennie (Liss) Klein (d. 5 Sept. 1995, Russia), m. Morris Klein (d. 28 Aug. 1992, Lithuania)

Max Klein (b. New Bedford), b. 5 February 1925

Beverly (Klein) Zuller (b. New Bedford), b. 19 October 1928

Dov Beryl Liss (d. 20 Aug. 1914), b. 1849, m. Hinda (Dobrisch) Liss (born Feb or Mar 1853; left for USA 1910; d. 7 Oct. 1936)

Sarah (Liss) Manelis (d. 20 Sept. 1952, Russia), b. 1873, m. Zalman Manelis (m. 1893)

Louis Eleazar Manelis (d. 4 July 1997)

Scheindel Manelis (d. 1909), b. 1899

Bee (Manelis) Kaplan, b. 22 November 1907

Joshua Liss (born Mikolayev; served in Russian Army; family left Russia around 1905)), b. 1874/5, m. Chaika (Schrier) Liss

Issac Liss (born Mikolayev), b. 1898

Mottel Liss (born Mikolayev), b. 1899

Yacov Liss (born Mikolayev), b. 1881

Rivka Liss (born Mikolayev), b. 1882, m. Yankel Feld (of Feldschin, Russia)

Herschel Feld

father of George Liss (born in Mikolaiev, Russia), b. ca. 1885

George Liss

Nucham Liss (born Mikolayev), b. 14 February 1887

Mottel Liss (born Mikolayev) (2), b. March 1888

Scheindel Liss (born Mikolayev), b. 1890

Yoseph Liss (born Mikolayev), b. 1890

Sam/Yehoshuah Liss (d. 31 Aug. 1946, Russia), b. 1870, m. Ida (Bennis) Liss

Jacob Liss (b. Russia; d. 1 May 1953), b. 1881, m. Jennie (Kalish) Liss

Harold Liss (b. NY), b. 11 March 1910

Lillian (Liss) Garfinkle (b. New Bedford), b. 25 January 1915

Barnet Liss (b. New Bedford), b. 9 September 1916

Morris/Murray Liss (b. New Bedford), b. 23 February 1922

Irving/Isaac Liss (b. Russia), b. 12 October 1901

Max Liss (b. Russia), b. 12 January 1903

Rebecca (Liss) Feld (d. 23 Mar. 1945), b. January 1882, m. Jacob Feld (d. 9 May 1947, Russia)

Harry/Hershel Feld (b. Russia), b. 29 June 1907

Abraham Feld (b. New Bedford), b. 12 December 1913

Isadore Feld (b. New Bedford), b. 11 February 1921

Bernard/Benny Feld (b. New Bedford), b. 18 September 1922

Max Liss (d. 16 Feb. 1954), b. 29 March 1887, m. 1.Minnie (Sipkin) Liss (b. 1894, d. 3 May 1922); 2.Sophie (Bebchick) Liss (b. 5 Apr. 1905)

Sidney Liss (b. New Bedford)

Rosa (Liss) Shufeld (b. NY), b. 25 June 1911

Louis Liss (b. NY), b. 12 February 1913

Benjamin Liss (b. New Bedford), b. 15 May 1915

Abraham Liss (b. New Bedford), b. 12 September 1917

Gertrude (Liss) Frankle, b. 4 October 1919

Philip Liss (b. New Bedford), b. 19 January 1927

George Liss (b. New Bedford), b. 12 November 1933

Burton Donald Liss (b. New Bedford), b. 20 January 1938

Joseph Isaac Liss (d. 21 Mar. 1949, Russia), b. 1891, m. Bella (Davidow) Liss

Florence (Liss) Mann (b. New Bedford), b. 23 June 1920

Pauline (Liss) Feinstein (b. New Bedford), b. 22 October 1928

Nathan Liss (d. 28 Jan. 1960, Russia), b. 17 February 1987, m. 1.Fannie (Siegel) Liss (b. 1880, d. 1 Mar. 1922); 2.Eva (Harriett) Liss (b. 24 Apr. 1895, d. 3 Aug. 1880, Russia)

Lous Richard (b. NY), b. 6 September 1911

Florence (Liss) Egendorf (b. NY), b. 1 March 1913

Unknown country

Yitzhak Liss [INFO FROM Rich Sinykin <>]

Goldie (Liss) Kozberg (d. 1946, St. Paul, MN), b. 1856, m. Benjamin Kozberg

Joseph Liss (name was originally Liskowsky) [INFO FROM Steve Liss <>]

Myron Gilbert Liss (born Chicago)

(Mr.) Leslie Liss

Charlotte Liss

Father of Bernard, Sarah, Joseph, Helen, Louis, and Albert Liss (all born 1896-1903) [INFO FROM Jeffrey Liss <>]

Albert Liss, b. 1896/1903

Helen Liss, b. 1896/1903

Joseph Liss, b. 1896/1903

Louis Liss, b. 1896/1903

Sarah Liss, b. 1896/1903

Bernard Franklin Liss (grandfather of Jeffrey Liss; arrived in the USA 1910's at Ellis Island), b. 1903

Jacob Lis (came to the USA in 1897; to N.Y.C., then to Buffalo, NY) [INFO FROM Jerry Lis <>], m. Mary Lis

Benedict Lis

Jerry Lis

George Liss (b. Pittsburgh, PA; parents to USA in early 1900's; changed name from "a long Polish sounding name like Likowsky") [INFO FROM Stephen Liss <>], b. 1920

father of Stephen Liss

Stephen Liss