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Haim Kazez

    Nissim Kazez (alive up to around 1930) ALL FROM ISTANBUL
    (Alhadef) Kazez (died about 1947)

        Pula (Kazez) de Vidas (born about 1860s, b. abt 1865,
        m. Albert? Avram? de Vidas

            Kalo (de Vidas) Amram, b. 1886,
            m. Abraham-Albert>>Israel Amram

            Moise de Vidas (died 1932, Istanbul), b. 1892,
            m. Sarah-Sara (xxxx) de Vidas

                Pauline de Vidas (born Istanbul; went to
                Argentina), b. abt 1915

                Albert de Vidas (born Istanbul; went to
                Argentina), b. abt 1920

        Esther (Kazez) Fis (oldest child; died at age 82), b. 1884?,
        m. Jack Fis (d. 1932)

        Salamon Kazez (oldest son; d. 1957), b. 1887, m. Zumbul
        (Nadn) Kazez (b. 1888; d. 1962)

        Rafael Kazez, b. 1894, m. Marie (Barizak) Kazez
        (b. 1901)

        Fanny (Kazez) Natan, b. 1894?, m. Izak Natan

        Israel/Izi Kazez (d. 1967) MY GRANDFATHER
        [GRANDFATHER OF DANIEL KAZEZ], b. 1895, m. Rasel
        (Fresco) Kazez (d. 1991)

        Haim/Vitali Kazez, b. 1896, m. Sara (Fresko) Kazez,
        b. 1900

        Perla (Kazez) Eskojido, b. 1898?, m. Nissim Eskojido

        Pepo Kazez (d. June 1966), b. 31 Dec 1900,
        m. 1.Marie (xxxx) Kazez (a woman in Germany);
        2.Ida (Canetti) Kazez, b. 25 May 1905, d. 28 May

        Izak Kazez (2nd youngest child; d. 12 Dec. 1989),
        b. 11 Nov 1904, m. Louison (Caraco) Kazez (b. 5
        May 1913; m. 6 June 1937; d. 26 Nov. 1997)

        Fortune (Kazez) Antika (youngest child; d. 1991),
        b. abt 1907, m. Israel Antika


**Below: Kazez/ Kazes/ Cazes/ Kazas/ Kazzaz/ Cases/ Kazar
families, with unkown connections to each other.

        General information

            In the 1400s there were Jews living in a town
            called Caces, which was in the region of Oviedo,
            Spain. It appears that they took the name "Caces."
             After the expulsion of the Jews from Spain
            (1492), the Caces families traveled to northern
            Morocco, northern Italy, Salonica, Istanbul, and
            other areas. The name Caces was respelled
            depending on the alphabet of the new country.
            "Cazes" was very common. In Turkey,
            "Kazes"/"Kazez" was used, because an initial C
            would create a different sound. More recently,
            Kazes/Kazez families who moved to France
            changed the name to Cazès, because K is a foreign
            letter in French. Many Kazes/Kazez families in
            Turkey during the 1920s (the days of Attaturk’s
            "revolution") were compelled to make a
            substantial change to the name, apparently to
            reduce confusion caused by a proliferation of
            Kazes/Kazez families. The result was families
            named Kazar, Derkazez, etc.

            The name Cazes/Cases/Cazèse comes from Caces [a
            city or region] in the province of Oviedo in Spain.
            Other common [old] versions of this name: Gaczes,
            Avencaces, Avincaçeç, Avincaceç, Avincazes, Cacez,
            Quases. [INFO FROM Abraham Laredo, "Les Noms
            des Juifs du Maroc," 1978]


        Judas Quazez (from Algeria) INFO FROM "Kat & Oll"
        <sherlock@club-internet.fr>, b. 11 Mar 1860, m. Mazeltob
        (Benchingnon) Quazez (b. 21 Mar 1853)

            Mazeltob (Quazez) Zerano (married 22 Aug 1901),
            m. Isaac Serano

            Jacob Quazez , m. Esther (Cohen-Solal) Quazez


        Burials in Bancalari Cemetery (info from Pau Arm)


                Joseph Cazes (3), m. Luna (xxxx) Cazes

                    Sara Cazes (Morrocan, d. 2 May 1954,
                    age 81, thus b. 1873, buried sec D,
                    tablon 2, sepultur 8), b. 1873

                Hasiba (Cazes) Coriat, m. Samuel Coriat

                    Jacobo Coriat (French, d. 14 Jul 1951,
                    age 65 thus b sec 10, tablon 3, sepultur
                    11), b. 1886

                Acher Cazes (died 8 Jul 1998 Secci—n 5
                Tabl—n 145 Sepultura 118 N_ Orden 3636 N_
                AGJA BANC1351 P‡g. 46)

                Alegre Casez (died 1 Sep 1996 Secci—n 5
                Tabl—n 143 Sepultura 120 _ Orden 3499 N_
                AGJA BANC1337 P‡g. 46)

                El’as Cazes (died 16 Dec 1981 Secci—n 4
                Tabl—n 60 Sepultura 22 _ Orden 2211 N_
                AGJA BANC1195 P‡g. 41)

                Rosa A. De Cazes (died 10 Nov 1968 Secci—n 2
                Tabl—n 54 Sepultura 24 _ Orden 912 N_ AGJA
                BANC1055 P‡g. 37)

                V’ctor J. Cazes (died 24 Jun 1970 Secci—n 2
                Tabl—n 54 Sepultura 26 _ Orden 1068 N_
                AGJA BANC1068 P‡g. 37)

                Regina (Cazes) Penjasoff (d. 12 Mar 1975, age
                65 thus b 1910), b. 1910


                Mirkado, Mison Kazez (died 16 Jun 1984
                Secci—n 3 Tabl—n 71 Sepultura 2 _ Orden 2456
                N_ AGJA BANC2168 P‡g. 84)

                N. Kazez (d. 12 Jun 1949; buried tablon 41,
                sepultura 9, No acta 1390, No AGJA CiuACI

                N. Kazez (d. 3 Aug 1956; buried tablon 41,
                sepultura 18, No acta 2071, No AGJA CiuACI
                S1452) 1

                Bienvenida A. Kazez (died 29 Jun 1973
                Secci—n 1 Tabl—n 47 Sepultura 12 _ Orden
                1373 N_ AGJA BANC2153 P‡g. 83)

                Esther Kazez (died 22 Jun 1993 Secci—n 5
                Tabl—n 135 Sepultura 120 _ Orden 3233 N_
                AGJA BANC2182 P‡g. 85)

                Jaime Kazez (died 26 Apr 1985 Secci—n 1
                Tabl—n 49 Sepultura 42 _ Orden 2555 N_
                AGJA BANC2171 P‡g. 84)

                Lisa N. De Kazez (died 17 Feb 1960 Secci—n 1
                Tabl—n 39 Sepultura 1 _ Orden 194 N_ AGJA
                BANC2141 P‡g. 83)

                Mordoqueo Kazez (died 27 Mar 1961 Secci—n 1
                Tabl—n 29 Sepultura 11 _ Orden 260 N_ AGJA
                BANC2142 P‡g. 83)

                Rosa N. Kazez (died 17 Oct 1977 Secci—n 4
                Tabl—n 60 Sepultura 26 _ Orden 1799 N_
                AGJA BANC2159 P‡g. 84)

                Salomon. Kazez (d. 15 Jan 1952; buried tablon
                51, sepultura 15, No acta 1628, No AGJA
                CiuACI S1457)


        Alejandro Cazes (from Izmir; inmigrated first to the
        chilean city of Ovalle; later they move to La Serena, a
        larger city in the north of Chile) INFO FROM Jaime
        Bitran <Abitran@aol.com> (below, cousins of Jaime
        Bitran married to Cazes family members from Izmir),
        m. Bulisa (Sidy) Cazes

            Alberto Cazes, m. Luisa (Alaluf) Cazes

            Luisa (Cazes) Jaches, m. Moises Jaches

            Mair Cazes (married in La Serena, northern Chile),
            m. Rebeca (Duenas) Cazes

        Cemetery of Union Street in Santiago, Chile (mostly
        Sephardim) (INFO FROM Moises Hasson
        <moises_h@yahoo.com>, Chile)

            Alberto Cazes Sady (d. Feb 25, 1979), m. Luisa
            Alaluf Duenas (d. Apr 11, 1998)

            Estrella (Modiano) Cazes (d. Jul 19, 1985)

            Isaac Cazes (d. Jun 24, 1970)

            Jose Cazes (d. Feb 14, 1966)

            Luisa (Cazes) Duenas (d. Jan 01, 1983), m. Moises
            Jaches Duenas (d. Apr 16, 1998)

            Neftali Eskenazi Cazes (d. Apr 9, 1964), m. Bella
            Tchimino Cohen (d. Oct 30, 1973)


        Marcel Cazes (deceased)

            Maurice Cazes (b. Nimes), b. 1946, m. Christiane

                Olivier Cazes (b. Nimes), b. 20 Jul 1969,
                m. Sandrine (Neveu) Cazes

                    Thibault Cazes (b. Marseille),
                    b. 29 Apr 1998

        Albert Moise Cases (age 18) [INFO FROM "Liste
        Complete des Rescapes Thessaoloniciens" (Paris, 1946)]


        Danit Gal, thesis on Gallipoli (see www.sephardichouse;
        reported to me by David Sheby <hosp@voicenet.com>)

            Amadh Kazys (woman, possible death date
            7/25/1642, page 155, buried Gallipoli)

            Chaim Kzyz (died 12/28/1671, page 158, buried

            Shlomah Kazes

                Ester Kazys (daughter, died 6/20/1660, page
                156, buried Gallipoli)

                Sultana Kazys (daughter, died 6/18/1660,
                page 156, buried Gallipoli)

            Yosef Kazys

                Ouadah? (ayin-aleph-yud-daled-hey) Kazys
                (died 8/14/1658, page 156, buried Gallipoli)

            Shomah Kzyz, m. SimHca Kzyz (died 10/18/1682,
            page 158, buried Gallipoli)

            Yaosha (Yud-aleph-vuv-shin-ayin) Kzyz (died
            10/9/1670, page 158, buried Gallipoli)


        Peter Kazes (Greek) [INFO FROM Michael J. Kazes
        <HalfTet@compuserve.com>] born

            Philip Kazes

                Gus Kazes

                John Kazes

                Michael J. Kazes

        Daniel Kazes [INFO FROM Avraham Kazes>>Gvaram
        <a_gvaram@netvision.net.il>, 22 February 2001]

            Avraham Kazes (Greece), b. 1880

                Rachel (Kazes) xxxx (Bulgaria), b. 1907

                    Ester (Kazes) xxxx (Bulgaria), b. 1935

                        Maia (xxxx) xxxx (Israel), b. 1964

                            Dar xxxx (Israel), b. 1955

                            Gay xxxx (Israel), b. 1988

                            Shay xxxx (Israel), b. 1992

                        Tal xxxx (Israel), b. 1971

                    Shlomo Kazes (Bulgaria), b. 1937

                        Ey? Kazes (Israel), b. ?

                        Naayan Kazes (Israel), b. 1963

                            Shi? Kazes (Israel), b. ?

                            Raz Kazes (Israel), b. 1991

                            Shachar Kazes (Israel), b. 1993

                        Peleg xxxx (Israel), b. 1969

                            Yair xxxx (Israel), b. 1999

                            Nadan xxxx (Israel), b. 2000

                        Beeri Kazes (Israel), b. 1975

                Nisim Kazes (Bulgaria), b. 1913

                    Avraham Kazes>>Gvaram (Bulgaria),
                    b. 1938

                    David (Bulgaria), b. 1941

                    Moshe Kazes (Bulgaria), b. 1944

                Lisa (Kazes) xxxx (Bulgaria), b. 1921

                    Haim xxxx (Israel), b. 1950

                    Ilana (xxxx) xxxx (Israel), b. 1955

                        Keren (xxxx) xxxx (Israel), b. 1983

                        Shir xxxx (Israel), b. 1988

                    Irit xxxx (Israel), b. 1955

                        Reut xxxx (Israel), b. 1979

                        Amit xxxx (Israel), b. 1982

                        Noam xxxx (Israel), b. 1986

            Sara (Kazes) xxxx (Greece), b. 1882

                Matilda xxxx (Bulgaria), b. ?

            Ester (Kazes) xxxx (Greece), b. 1884

                Samuel xxxx (Bulgaria), b. 1923

                Sara xxxx (Bulgaria), b. 1925

            Lea (Kazes) xxxx (Greece), b. 1892

                Ialy? xxxx (Bulgaria), b. 1921

                    Moshe xxxx (Bulgaria), b. 1945

                        Yoav xxxx (Israel), b. 1976

                    Lisa (xxxx) xxxx (Bulgaria), b. 1948

                        Michal xxxx (Israel), b. 1985

                        Avi xxxx (Israel), b. 1987

            Israel Kazes (Greece), b. 1894

                Daniel Kazes (Bulgaria), b. 1923

                Rachel Kazes (Bulgaria), b. 1928

            Fortuna Kazes (Greece), b. 1902

            Samuel Kazes (Greece), b. 1902

                Mery Kazes (Bulgaria), b. 1932

                    Shmuel Kazes (Israel), b. 1962

                        Nofar Kazes (Israel), b. 1989

                        xxxx Kazes (Israel), b. 1989

            Isak Kazes (Greece), b. 1908

                Didy (Kazes) xxxx (Bulgaria), b. 1941

                    Orly (xxxx) xxxx (Israel), b. 1965

                        Natan? xxxx (Israel), b. 1994

                        Elinor xxxx (Israel), b. 1997

                        Tomy xxxx (Israel), b. 1999

                Eduard Kazes (Bulgaria), b. 1945

        father of Mois and Avram [INFO FROM Moshe Kazes,
        Ramat Agolan, Israel]

            Mois Kazes, m. Stella (xxxx) Kazes

                other children?

                Zak Kazes, m. 1.Loucia (d. 1942) [+0]; Sol
                (Nahmias) Kazes (b. 1918; Thesaloniki, Greece; d. 1950
                [+2]; 3.Sol (Ben Shoam) Kazes (b. 1922; Thesaloniki,
                Greece; d. 1998) [+1: Loucia]

                    Moshe/Mois Kazes (b. Thesaloniki,
                    Greece), b. 1947, m. Esther (Metzer) Kazes
                    (b. 1948; Herzelia, Israel)

                        Amir Kazes, b. 1973

                        Idan Kazes, b. 1976

                        Liat Kazes, b. 1987

                    Eliezer Kazes (b. Thesaloniki, Greece),
                    b. 1950, m. Esther (xxxx) Kazes (Ramatgan,

                        Jacob Kazes (son of Eliezer/Esther),
                        b. 1981

                        Oren Kazes, b. 1984

                        Shiran Kazes, b. 1987

                    Loukia (Kazes) Cohen (b. Thesaloniki,
                    Greece), b. 1952, m. Josef/Pepo Cohen
                    (b. 1939, Athens, Greece) [at Joseph (Pepos)
                    Cohen <jclo@hol.gr>]

                        Oro (Oriti) Cohen (b. 1979, Athens,
                        Greece), b. 1979

            Avram Kazes (Komotini, Greece), b. ?, m. Perla (xxxx)

                Regina (Kazes) Levi (b. Komotini, Greece),
                b. 1915, m. Sam Levi (New York)

                    Josef Levi (New York), b. 1960

                Stella Kazes (b. Komotini, Greece), b. 1918

        xxxx Kazes (from Greece; Liron Kazes is fourth
        generation raised in Israel) [INFO FROM Liron Kazes]

            Yom-Tov Kazes

                Shlomo Kazes

                    Liron Kazes

        Info from Mario Modiano

            Abraham Cazes (INFO FROM Mario Modiano

                Fakima Cazes Modiano (FOR REST OF TREE,
                SEE E-MAIL MESSAGE FROM MARIO), m. Saul
                Isaac Modiano (1816-83)

                    Esther Modiano (1833 - ?), b. 1833

                Jacob Cazes (became President of the Jewish
                Community of Salonika for many years)

                    four daughters and five sons

            Leal (Cazes) Modiano (b. 1840) (INFO FROM Mario
            Modiano <mmodiano@hol.gr>), m. Isaac Juda Modiano

                Abramo Cazes

                Leone Cazes

                Giacomo Cazes (died in infancy)

            xxxx Cazes (a general practitioner) (INFO FROM
            Mario Modiano <mmodiano@hol.gr>)

            xxxx Cazes (worked in the British oil company B.P.
            in Athens after the war) (INFO FROM Mario
            Modiano <mmodiano@hol.gr>)

            Albert Cazes (34 avenue President Kennedy,
            75016 Paris - phones: 01 45 27 40 03 and 01 45
            27 83 33) (INFO FROM Mario Modiano
            <mmodiano@hol.gr>), m. Clairette Modiano (daughter of
            Salomon Mosseri and Nina Daniel Modiano [1898-1987])

        Semoel Cazes (b. Comotini/Komotini, near
        Saloniki/Salonique, Greece; then moved to Istanbul;
        nufus: b Arabic year 1315 = 1899, Gulmilcine =
        Komotini, parents Semoel and Sara) A RUMOR/STORY:
        "According to ‘rumors’ which I am not able to confirm,
        our Cazes branch comes from Bayonne, in southwest
        France, near the Spanish border. A ‘Dr. Cazes’, who was
        part of the Napoleonian army which made the Egypt
        campaign around 1800, and was sent to Egypt during
        the campaign, was asked to go to Greece and attend the
        Bey of Salonique’s daughter (at the time part of the
        Ottoman Empire). The bey requested Napoleon's help,
        asking for a doctor who could treat the illness of a
        member of the Bey's family. This doctor ended up by
        settling there and founding his family! This is how my
        father was born at Komotini (in Turkish: Gumulcine) a
        not so far town from Salonique. My father, one of this
        doctor’s great grand children, went to Istanbul to
        attend Galatasaray high school just before World War I.
         It seems that someone in the family holds a letter
        from Napoleon to Dr. Cazes thanking him for the
        services done to the Bey; I have never seen this letter!"
         [INFO FROM Metin Cazes <Metincazes@aol.com>] ,
        b. bef 1881, m. Sara (xxxx) Kazes (b bef 1881)

            xxxx (Kazes) Fresko grandmother of Sevim Fresko
            (6980 Chdela/Cote St. Luc/Montreal, Quebec),
            m. xxxx Fresko

                xxxx xxxx: father of Sevim Fresko, m. xxxx
                (xxxx) xxxx

                    Sevim (xxxx) Fresko (6980 Chdela/Cote
                    St. Luc/Montreal, Quebec)

                        Maurice Fresko

            Moiz Cazes (originally from Komotini, near
            Salonique, died before 1957), b. 1899, m. Eugenie
            (Sevilla) Cazes (born in Sevilla, died 1988)

            Jacques Kazes (younger than Moiz Cazes;
            deceased), b. aft 1899, m. Sarah (xxxx) Kazes
            (2001: lives in Istanbul now, age 80, thus b. 1921;
            together, they had one child)

                Gretty (Kazes) Mirdal , m. Jacques Mirdal (married
                in Istambul; now live in Copenhagen,
                Denmark; they have 2 daughters)

                    Lene Mirdal, b. abt 1974

                    Sara Mirdal, b. abt 1978


        Haiem (Hiyawi) Kazzaz (lived in 1800s; had 4 sons and 2
        daughters) [INFO FROM MOSHE KAZZAZ <kazzaz@netvision.net.il>]

            Abdalla Salman Kazzaz (male; 2 sons and 2 daughters)

                Chaton Kazzaz (female) (2)

                Simha Kazzaz (female)

                Hiyawi (Haiem) Kazzaz (male)

                Yeheskel Kazzaz>>Shahr (male; 1 son and 3 daughters)

                    Mozly Kazzaz (female)

                    Ezra Kazzaz (male; 3 sons and 3 daughters)

                        Berta (Simha Albertin) Kazzaz (female)

                        Chaton Kazzaz (female)

                        Louise Kazzaz (female)

                        Elyaho Abdalla Emile Kazzaz (male)

                        Moshe/Morrise Kazzaz (male)

                        Yhiskel Kazzaz (male)

                    Regina Kazzaz xxxx (female; living in Jerusalem; 3
                    daughter and 2 sons)

                        Asperanse xxxx (female)

                        Chaton xxxx (female) (2)

                        Joliet xxxx (female)

                    Samra Kazzaz xxxx (female; Samra has 3 daughter
                    and 3 sons)

                        Albertin xxxx (female)

                        Chaton xxxx (female)

                        Evline xxxx (female)

                        Abraham xxxx (male)

                        Josef xxxx (male)

                        Moshe xxxx (male)

            Azizh Kazzaz xxxx (female; 2 daughter and 2 sons)

                Havivh xxxx (female)

                Salha xxxx (female)

                Hiyawi (Haiem) xxxx (male)

                Maatoq xxxx (male)

            Isik Yheskel Kazzaz (male; 7 daughter and 2 sons)

                Chaton Kazzaz (female) (3)

                Hana Kazzaz (female)

                Naimh Kazzaz (female)

                Salha Kazzaz (female)

                Moshe Kazzaz (male)


        Florence [INFO FROM Abraham Laredo, "Les Noms des Juifs du
        Maroc," 1978]

            Graciado Cazes (Grand Rabbi of Florence, 1688)


        1300s-1400s, Spain [INFO FROM Abraham I. Laredo, "Les Noms
        des Juifs du Maroc," 1978]

            Astruch Cazez (landlord of houses in "the ‘Juderia’ of
            Huesca," 10 May 1482)

            Bonjuha Cacez (administrator "of [the] "Aljama’ of Lérida,"

            Jaffyu Avincaçez (a tailor and tenant of houses belonging to
            the Monastery of Sigena, 19 Feb. 1351)

            Jehuda Avencaces (mentioned regarding the distribution of
            taxes "of [the] ‘Aljamas’ of Aragon," 29 Aug. 1304)

            Mayom Gaczez; Isaac Cohen de Gaczes (Barcelona; both in
            commerce, involved with a shipment to Majorca [now in
            Spain], 7 Jan. 1318) [INFO ALSO IN A. Lionel Isaacs, "The
            Jews of Majorca," publ. Methuen]

            Samuel Avincaçeç (a tailor and landlord of houses, 1351)

            Yuce Avincazez (silk maker and one of the directors "of [the]
            ‘aljama’ of Huesca," Nov. 1401)

            Yuceff Quases (Monzon, 1465-1475)

        Cazes/Cases family listed in Jose Abecassis, "Geneaologia
        Hebraica, Portugal e Gibraltar, Secs. XVII a XX" (Lisboa, 1991)

            David Cazes (born about 1740)

                Levy Cazes (born about 1760/1770),
                b. abt 1760/70

                    Joseph Cazes (b. Morocco; d. 29 Oct 1862,
                    Gibraltar, m. Zahra? (xxxx) Cazes (b.
                    Morocco; d. 29 Jan 1876)

                        Dona (Cazes) Bonzaquen (b. Morocco; d.
                        14 Sep 1868, Gibraltar), m. Isaac
                        Bonzaquen (b. 1831; d. 1901)

                            Joseph Bonzaquen (b. 1862; d. 1917),
                            m. Mesoda? (Tedesqui)

                                Rafael Isaac Bonzaquen (b. 1896;
                                d. 1917)

                            Samuel Bonzaquen (b. 1863; d. 1865)

                            Simha (Bonzaquen) Cazes>>Benabu? (d.
                            1932), b. 29 Jan 1856, m. 1. Juda
                            (Ben Chimol) Cazes; 2. David
                            Benabu? (b. 10 Jun 1846,

                            Rachel (Bonzaquen) Deontnel?,
                            b. 1865, m. Solomon

                            Yamin? Bonzaquen, b. 1866,
                            m. Rahel (Tedesqui)
                            Bonzaquen (d. 1930)

                        Luna Cazes (b. Tetuan, Morocco; d.
                        15 Apr 1908, Gibraltar),
                        b. 14 Apr 1836

                    David Cazes (b. Morocco; d. 18 Jan. 1867 or 17
                    Feb. 1867, Gibraltar), b. abt 1791/6,
                    m. Gimol (xxxx) Cazes (b. ?; died
                    5 Mar 1866, Gibraltar)

                        Joseph Cazes (b. Algeria or Morocco;
                        d. 18 Aug. 1899, Gibraltar), b. abt 1834,
                        m. Luna (xxxx) Cazes ("sua
                        prima-directa"; born 15 Apr 1836,
                        tetuan, Morocco; d. 14 Apr 1980,

                            Sara (Cazes) Nahon (b. 1 May 1868,
                            Spain; d. about 1952, Buenos Aires,
                            Argentina), m. Rafael Jacob Nahon

                                Joseph Nahon (b. 1893, Tangier; d.
                                1948, Tangier, b. 1893, m. 1.
                                Sara (Cazes) Nahon (b.
                                18 Jan 1909, Tangier; d.
                                Apr 1990, Tangier; had
                                the children shown); 2.
                                Rachel (Cazes) Nahon (b.
                                26 Nov 1908, La Linoa?,
                                Spain; d. 11 Dec 1945,

                                    Lydia (Nahon) Benzaquen (b.
                                    Tangier), b. 28 Feb 1928,
                                    m. Rene Benzaquen
                                    (b. 20 May 1919; d.
                                    12 Jul 1979)

                                        Maurice Frederic
                                        Benzaquen (b.
                                        b. 31 May 1956

                                        Sophie Sarah Florence
                                        Benzaquen (b.
                                        b. 28 Jul 1959

                                    Nelly (Nahon) Frydman (b.
                                    b. 12 Dec 1929,
                                    m. Kelly Frydman
                                    (b. 13 Apr 1917,
                                    Warsaw, Poland; d.
                                    25 May 1970,
                                    Creteil, Val de
                                    Maroc, France)

                                        Patrick Frydman,
                                        b. 27 Nov 1955

                                        Isabelle (Frydman)
                                        b. 3 Aug 1958,
                                        m. Carlos

                                            Johan Amselem,
                                            b. 18 Nov 1992

                                Luna (Nahon) Pallache (b.
                                30 Apr 1900, Tangier; d.
                                28 Aug 1986, Buenos Aires,
                                Argentina), b. 30 Apr 1900,
                                m. Joseph Pallache (b.
                                20 Aug 1883; d.
                                7 Oct 1956)

                                    Mareos Pallache (b.
                                    11 Nov 1926; d.
                                    2 Nov 1978, Buenos Aires,
                                    b. 11 Nov 1926,
                                    m. Susana
                                    (Fazzani?) Pallache

                                        Jose Edgardo Pallache,
                                        b. 30 Mar 1962,
                                        m. Maria

                                            Agostina Pallache

                                        Mariana Silvia (Pallache)
                                        b. 16 Dec 1964,
                                        m. Alejandro

                                            Alejandro Sanz?

                                            Julian Sanz?

                                    Jorgo Jacobo Pallache,
                                    b. 28 Aug 1928,
                                    m. 1. xxxx (xxxx)
                                    Pallache (child:
                                    Guillermo Jose); 2.
                                    Maria Susana
                                    (Frolos) Pallache

                                        Guillermo Jose Pallache,
                                        b. 27 May 1968,
                                        m. Maria del

                                    Jaline? Pallache (b.
                                    27 Nov 1929; d.
                                    23 Jun 1973, Buenos Aires,
                                    b. 27 Nov 1929

                                Solomon Nahon (d. 1954),
                                b. abt 1903

                            Gimol (Cazes) Benatar (b. Morocco;
                            d. 16 Jan 1893, Gibraltar), b. 1857,
                            m. Elias/Eliyau Benatar (b.
                            5 Nov 1851, Gibraltar; d.
                            29 Apr 1902, Gibraltar;
                            m. 21 Jan 1880)

                                Simy (Benatar) Quesada (d. after
                                1948), b. abt 1883, m. Perico
                                Alonso Quesada

                            "Um criança" (b. Gibraltar;
                            d. 20 Nov. 1859, Gibraltar),
                            b. 19 Nov 1859

                            David Cazes (b. Gibraltar;
                            d. 22 Jan 1942, Lisbon),
                            b. 18 Aug 1861, m. Marie
                            (Eisele) Cazes

                                Alfred Cazes, m. Isabel (xxxx)

                                    Catherine (Cazes) xxxx,
                                    b. abt 1943,
                                    m. Fergus xxxx

                            Levy Joseph Cazes (b. Gibraltar;
                            d. 27 Feb 1927, Gibraltar),
                            b. 3 Feb 1864,
                            m. Celina/Sima (Megueres)
                            Cazes (b. 1866, Nice, France;
                            d. 12 Dec 1941, Rio de
                            Janeiro; m. 23 May 1888)

                                Joseph/Pepe Levy Cazes
                                (b. Gibraltar--?),
                                b. 17 Apr 1889,
                                m. Simy Cohen (Zagury)
                                Cazes (b. 30 Nov. 1894,
                                Lisbon; d. ?;
                                m. 17 Jan. 1917)

                                    Leah/Lehita Zagury Cazes (d.
                                    Apr 1990),
                                    b. 12 Jun 1919

                                    Levy Joseph Cazes
                                    (b. Gibraltar; d. Oct. 1980),
                                    b. 19 Jun 1922,
                                    m. Donna Levy
                                    (Balensi) Cazes
                                    (b. 31 May 1936,
                                    m. 18 July 1955;
                                    d. ?)

                                        Joseph Levy Cazes
                                        (b. Gibraltar) INFO
                                        FROM Joseph Levy Cazes
                                        b. 16 Jul 1956,
                                        m. Simha Ruth
                                        (b. 25 Aug. 1961,
                                        m. 29 Dec. 1982;
                                        d. ?; daughter
                                        of Gimol/Molly
                                        Benaim Cazes
                                        and Jacob

                                            Gimol Miriam Cazes
                                            (b. Gibraltar),
                                            b. 9 Jul 1983

                                            Donna Rachel Cazes
                                            (b. Gibraltar),
                                            b. 24 Apr 1985

                                            Esther Leah Luna,
                                            b. 24 Apr 1990

                                            Sara Cazes (b
                                            20 Nov 1992),
                                            b. 20 Nov 1992

                                            Levy Yischak,
                                            b. 13 Nov 1994

                                            Abigail Cazes,
                                            b. 11 Nov 1999

                                        Simha Gizelle (Cazes)
                                        Sinyor (b. Gibraltar;
                                        d. ?),
                                        b. 23 Feb 1958,
                                        m. Alan Sinyor

                                            Samuel Sinyor,
                                            b. 1988

                                            Levy Sinyor,
                                            b. 1989

                                            Claire Sinyor,
                                            b. 1 Dec 1990

                                            Donna Leah Sinyor,
                                            b. 30 Jun 1992

                                            Joseph Sinyor,
                                            b. 2 Sep 1994

                                            Hannah Sinyor,
                                            b. 27 Aug 1997

                                Solomon Levy Cazes (b. Gibraltar;
                                d. 1945), b. 15 May 1891,
                                m. Selina Viola (Benabu)
                                Cazes (b. about 1900,
                                m. 24 Feb. 1926; d. ?)

                                    Levy Solomon Cazes
                                    (b. Gibraltar; d. abt 1929),
                                    b. 6 Sep 1929

                                David Levy Cazes (b. Gibraltar;
                                d. ?), b. 24 Mar 1900,
                                m. Maria Luisa Lopez Rodrigo, b Madrid
                                6 Jul 1907, d Gibraltar 6 May 2006

                            Yamin/Benjamin Cazes (b. Gibraltar;
                            d. after 1890), b. 9 Nov 1865,
                            m. Rachel (Nahon) Cazes
                            (m. about 1890)

                                Issue at Nahon, para 2 N3 Sub N4

                            Isaac Joseph Cazes (b. La Linoa?, Spain;
                            d. 1943/1951), b. 23 May 1870,
                            m. Yeudit/Judith (Hassan)
                            Cazes (b. 10 Mar 1880,
                            Gibraltar; m. 23 May 1906;
                            d. 6 July 1951, Gibraltar)

                                Luna/Luny Cazes (b. Algeciras,
                                Spain; d. ?), b. 2 Jul 1907

                                Rachel/Jesie (Cazes) Nahon
                                (b. Algeciras, Spain;
                                11 Dec. 1945, Gibraltar),
                                b. 26 Nov 1908,
                                m. Joseph Nahon (b.
                                1893, Tangier; d. 1948,
                                Tanger; m. 9 Oct. 1935,

                                    Issue, at Nahon, para 7 N2

                                Gimol/Molly (Cazes) Benady
                                (b. Algeciras; d. ?),
                                b. 18 Dec 1909,
                                m. Menahem Benady (b.
                                Gibraltar; d.
                                24 Jul 1998, Gibraltar;
                                m. 1925 June 1936,

                                    Samuel George Benady (b.
                                    b. 11 Sep 1937,
                                    m. Sura (Maoian?)
                                    Benady (b. Tetuan,

                                        Ilana Julia (Benady)
                                        Guzman (b. London,
                                        b. 14 Oct 1963,
                                        m. Pedro
                                        Guzman (b.
                                        14 May 1959,
                                        Santo Domingo,

                                            Lucas Samuel
                                            Benady Guzman (b.
                                            b. 13 Jul 2000

                                        Yael Cecilia (Benady)
                                        Norton (b. Bristol,
                                        b. 17 Dec 1967,
                                        m. Christian
                                        Luke Norton (b.

                                            Katie Benady
                                            b. 13 Sep 2001

                                Meriam/Mary May Cazes (b.
                                London, England),
                                b. 23 Apr 1911

                                Joseph Isaac Cazes (b. Gibraltar;
                                d. 21 Mar 1990, Gibraltar),
                                b. 25 Apr 1920

                            Moses Cazes (b. Gibraltar;
                            d. 11 Jan. 1879, Gibraltar--"sendo
                            criança"), b. 11 Jan 1872

                            Abraham Cazes (b. La Linea?, Spain; d.
                            13 Jan 1940), b. 13 Jan 1874

                            Jacob Victor Cazes (b. San Roque, Spain;
                            d. 26 Mar. 1927, Gibraltar),
                            b. 2 Jun 1876, m. Clara/Coty
                            (Pallache) Cazes
                            (b. 21 June 1881, Gibraltar;
                            d. 1963, Gibraltar;
                            m. 20 June 1906, Gibraltar)

                                Joseph Cazes (b. Algerias, Spain;
                                d. 8 Jan 1998, Gibraltar),
                                b. 11 Apr 1907, m. 1.
                                Kathleen (Wake?) Cazes
                                (had the children shown);
                                2. xxxx (Rutherford)

                                    Catrion (Cazes) Willison,
                                    m. Graham Willison

                                        female child: xxxx

                                        male child: xxxx

                            Solomon Cazes (d. 25 Mar 1898,
                            Gibraltar), b. 1 May 1878

                            Donna Dalia (Cazes) Pinto (b. Gibraltar;
                            d. ?), b. 13 Mar 1880,
                            m. Raphaeil Joseph Pinto
                            (b. about 1883;
                            m. 16 Dec. 1917)

                                Issue, at Pinto Nota 25

                        Isaac Cazes (b. Tetuan, Marrocos;
                        d. before 1906, London),
                        b. 15 May 1838, m. Selina/Simha
                        (Corcos) Cazes (born 1841; died
                        1919, London; m. 10 Sept. 1862,

                            Julia Cazes (b. Manchester, England;
                            d. ?), b. 21 Jul 1866

                            Ada Cazes (b. London; d. about 1960),
                            b. 26 Nov 1867

                            David Cazes (b. London;
                            d. 25 May 1915, London),
                            b. 22 Mar 1870, m. Rachel
                            Louise (Lyons) Cazes (b. ?;
                            m. 16 Apr. 1901;
                            d. 18 Oct. 1925, London)

                            Flora/Florence (Cazes) Corint
                            (b. London; b. 23 or 26 Aug; d. ?),
                            b. 23 Aug 1871, m. Abraham

                                Harold Corint

                                Perey Corint

                            Percy Cazes (b. London; d. ?),
                            b. 16 Apr 1873

                            Eveline (Cazes) Coriat (b. London; d. ?),
                            b. 9 Jul 1874, m. Abraham
                            Coriat (m. 18 June 1906,
                            Tanger, Morocco)

                            Beatrice Cazes (b. London;
                            d. 18 Apr. 1936, London),
                            b. 17 Jun 1876

                            Arthur Cazes (b. London; d. ?),
                            b. 4 Sep 1877

            Other persons listed, but without known connections to
            other Cazes families

                Abraham de Isaac Rodrigues Caze, b. ?, m. Simha
                (Velasco) Caze (m. 1797, London)

                Moses Cazes, b. ?

                    Joseph Cazes (b. Gibraltar; d. ?),
                    b. 15 Jan 1860

                xxxx Cazes, b. ?, m. Rachel/Nelly (Benatar) Cazes
                (b. 1927; d. ?)

                Mimon Cazes (not the one b. 1742, Tanger), b. ?

                    Abraham ben Mimon Cazes (b. Marraocos; active
                    member of a Hassidic group in Tanger, 1871;
                    d. ?), b. ?, m. Estrella (Saraga) Cazes
                    (m. 7 Dec. 1859, Gibraltar)
                        Mimon Cazes born tangier 1909 - 1987 (d. Toronto, Canada)
                        Myriam Cazes born tangier 1911 - 2000 (d. Toronto, Canada)
                        Avraham Cazes son of Mimon  born 1954 - 2003 (d. Toronto, Canada)
                            Eddie Cazes son of Abraham b. 1962 (Toronto, Canada)
                                Rebecca Cazes born Toronto 1993
                                Erin Cazes born Toronto 1994
                                Avery Cazes born Toronto 1997
                            Jack Cazes son of Abraham b.1967 (Toronto, Canada)
                                Jaime Avraham Cazes born Toronto 1994
                                Daniel Cazes born Toronto 1997
                                Jason Cazes born Toronto 2001
                                Corey Cazes born Toronto 2001
                        Joseph Cazes son of Mimon born tangier (not sure of date will find out)
                            Sylvia Cazes daughter of Joseph Cazes
                            Fabienne Cazes daughter of Joseph Cazes
                            Natalie Cazes daughter of Joseph Cazes

                Messody (Cazes) Pinto, b. ?, m. Pinto
                (m. after 1875, Tanger)

                    See issue at Pinto, para 6 NI

                Mimon Cazes (b. Tanger; d. ?), b. 1742

                Joseph Casis (b. Marrocos; d. ?), b. 1773

            Maurice Cazes (d. ?), b. ?, m. Nelly (Lasry) Cazes

                Roger Cazes, b. ?, m. Irene (Compain) Cazes

                    Alain Cazes

                    Olivier Cazes, b. ?

                Laetitia (Cazes) Dreyfus, b. ?, m. Gérard Dreyfus

                    Jean-François Dreyfus, b. ?

                    Sylvie Dreyfus, b. ?

                    Danielle (Dreyfus) Signoret, b. ?,
                    m. Frédéric Signoret

            Rev. [Rabbi?] David Cazes (d. ?) THIS BRANCH
            IN/FROM TETOUAN, MOROCCO?, b. abt 1740

                Rev. [Rabbi] Levy Cazes, b. ?

                    Rev. [Rabbi] David Cazes, b. ?

                        "E. provavelmente, tambien teve:"
                        Rev. [Rabbi] Isaac Cazes, b. ?

                            Donna Florence (Cazes) Coriat
                            (daughter of "Rev. [Rabbi]
                            David Cazes e binesta pelo av™
                            paterno do Rev. [Rabbi] Levi
                            Cazes, que talvez pertencesse a
                            familia Cazes), b. ?, m. Abraham
                            Coriat (m. 1897)

                        Leon Cazes, b. ?

                            David Cazes, b. ?

                            Joseph Cazes, b. ?

                                Jamila (Cazes) Cohen, b. ?,
                                m. Levy Cohen (m. 1908)

                        Levy Cazes, b. ?

            Levy Cazes (d. ?) (2), b. abt 1770

                Joseph Cazes (1770, Marrocos-10/29/1862,
                Gibraltar), m. Zara (xxxx) Cazes (b. Morroco;
                d. 29 Jan. 1876, Gibraltar)

                    Luna Cazes (?, Morroco--4/15/1908,

                        Joseph Cazes ("sev primo-directo")

                    Dona (Cazes) Benzaquen (b. Morocco;
                    d. 14 Sept. 1868, Gibraltar), b. ?,
                    m. Isaac Benzaquen (m. 14 Feb. 1855)

        others from Laredo

            Moses Cazes (2)

                Abraham Cazes (very active, devoted member
                of a Hassidic group; died very old in Tanger,
                before 1962

            [Asher Cazes]

                Abraham ben Asher Cazes (rabbi in Palestine
                ["Palestinian]; d. 1781, Salonica]

            Mordekhay Cazes (founder of a major import
            business in Tanger, 1800s)

                Amram Cazes (followed his father into
                business, 1914-1918; d. Casablanca)

                    Hélène Cazes-Benatar [see other listing
                    elsewhere] (first female lawyer in
                    Morocco; active in many cultural and
                    social assistance organizations;
                    collaborated with American Distribution
                    Committee to help European refugees
                    from WWII to come to Morocco; 1978: a
                    lawyer in Paris)

                Abraham/Albert Cazes (b. Tanger; lawyer;
                worked as a French teacher in N.Y.C. for a few
                years; d. Casablanca)

                Mimon Cazes (followed his father into
                business, d. Tanger)

                Joseph Cazes (followed his father into
                business; d. Tanger)

            Mosheh Cazes (contributed to the publication of
            Abraham Anqawa’s "Sepher Zebahim Shelemim,"

        Tangier, Morocco [INFO FROM D. Isaac Laredo,
        "Memorias de un Viejo Tangerino," 1935; includes

        [INFO FROM D. Isaac Laredo, "Memorias de un Viejo
        Tangerino," 1935]

            Do–a Nellie Cazés (b. 1909, Tangier/Tangiers,

        Amram Cazes [INFO FROM Joseph Tolédano, "La Saga
        des Familles les Juifs du Maroc et Leurs Noms," 1983
        and other sources], b. ?

            Mordejay Cazes (d. ?), b. 1895, m. Rose (Benzimra)
            Cazes (26 Jan. 1895; b. Gibraltar; m. 17 Feb. 1925,

            Hélène Cazès-Benatar (one of the Morocco’s "chief
            Zionists" of the post WWI era; first woman lawyer
            in the history of Morocco; settled in Paris, 1960)
            [Info from Michael Laskier, "The Alliance Israélite
            Universelle and the Jewish Communitites of
            Morocco: 1862-1962"], b. 1900, m. Moses Benatar
            (b. 1900, Tanger)

        David Cazès/Cazes (b. Tetuan, Morocco; teacher and
        writer; founded and directed several elementary
        schools at age 18; highly decorated with government
        awards; 1869, sent to Greece by the Alliance; sent to
        Paris, educated by Alliance Israélite Universelle;
        arrived in Tunis, Feb. 1878; sent to Morocco by
        Alliance, 1884; worked in Thessaly, Smyrna, Tunis
        1893-1904; appointed director of Alliance in Tunis,
        1899; went to Bueno Aires, Argentina, part of Baron
        Maurice de Hirsch colonization; author) [INFO from
        various sources, including Joseph Tolédano, "La Saga
        des Familles les Juifs du Maroc et Leurs Noms," 1983),
        b. 1851

        D. Alberto Cazes (b. Tangier), b. 1909


        Jerusalem Census Ottoman Empire 1839

            Bili Gozes (b. Jerusalem 1787; in Jerusalem Census
            Ottoman Empire 1839, at
            http://www.sephardichouse.com), b. 1787 at

            Julia Gazes (b. Constantinople 1793; in Jerusalem
            Census Ottoman Empire 1839, at
            http://www.sephardichouse.com), b. 1793 at

            Sara Gazes (b. Constantinople 1803, in Jerusalem
            Census Ottoman Empire 1839, at
            http://www.sephardichouse.com), b. 1803 at


        Kazar grandfather (much of the family was from

            Menachem Cazes>>Kazar (d. 1942), m. Joya
            (Capeluto) Kazar (b. Rhodes; daughter of Mois Capeluto and
            Esther Hasson; d. 1932)

                Sam Kazar (oldest brother in the family),
                b. 1907, m. Marguerite (xxxx) Kazar (Istanbul)

                    (Ms.) Joya Kazar

                        Meggie xxxx

                        Metin xxxx

                Sara/Sarah Kazar (b. Istanbul;
                d. 3 Jan. 1988, N.Y.C.), no children,
                b. 1 Mar 1909

                Morris/Maurice Kazar (d. 24 Sept. 1973),
                b. 17 Jun 1917, m. Suzan/Suzie (Alhadef) Kazar
                (b. 15 June 1921; d. Nov. 1979)

                Naim/Naime Kazar (d. 15 Jan. 1988,
                Hewlett, NY; started a Cazes shipping
                company, with Sara Kazar, when they first
                got to NY; Mike, via Naim: "The family name
                was originally CAZES (that's the spelling I
                remember, but I’m not sure), but had been
                changed due to pressure from the Turkish
                government, which was having trouble
                keeping track of all of the Cazeses in the
                area; apparently it is, or was, a fairly
                common name among Sephardic Jews in
                Istanbul.", b. 19 Apr 1924, m. Constance Kamm
                (Sonn) Kazar (b. 7 Jan. 1928, East Orange, NJ;
                m. February 9, 1955, N.Y.C.; d. 17 Oct. 1972, Great
                Neck, NY)

                    Joanne Sara Kazar Falcon

                    Mike Kazar, m. Rebecca (Foster) Kazar

                        Leah Constance Kazar, b. 1995

                        Suzanne Naomi Kazar, b. 1996

            Esther Pergament

                Esther Pergament (Los Angeles, CA;
                b. Rhodes)


        Esther (Cazes) Tiano INFO FROM "Anne-Marie
        Rychner-Faraggi" <am.faraggi@span.ch>, m. Joseph Tiano

            xxxx Tiano (first daughter, born in 1922 in
            Salonica), b. 1922

        Joseph Cazes (born before 1873) INFO FROM
        Anne-Marie Rychner-Faraggi <am.faraggi@span.ch>,
        m. Elvira (Fernandes) Cazes (wife of Joseph; daughter of Yacov
        Fernandes; died when giving birth; listed in newspaper La Epoca,
        in Spanish and Rachi characters, dated 9 Sep 1889, published in

        Levi Isaac Cazes INFO FROM Anne-Marie
        Rychner-Faraggi <am.faraggi@span.ch>

            Tamar (Cazes) Capuano (born before 1875),
            m. Isaac Capuano (son of Yosef Yacov Capuano; married 15
            Tamouz 5652 = 10 July 1892; listed in newspaper La Epoca,
            in Spanish and Rachi characters, dated 8 Jul 1889, published
            in Salonica)

        xxxx Cazes INFO FROM Anne-Marie Rychner-Faraggi

            female (Cazes) Benveniste (born Dec 1894,
            Comotini; naturalized 27 Dec 1930, naturalized
            French when arriving from Greece or Turkey),
            m. Haim Benveniste (born 17 May 1891)

                Mathilde Benveniste (born 26 Apr 1921,

        Marco Cazes (lived in Salonica; moved to Beverly Hills
        area of CA, early 1900s) INFO FROM Caryn Montague
        <mccaryn@bellsouth.net>, m. Marie (Montague-Montekio)

        The name Cazes appears in the Haggadah de
        Thessalonique supplement published in athens by the
        Communaute Israelite de Thessalonique, 1970; there is a
        listing of family names taken from the names on
        synogogue walls. the cazes name appears in the
        Portuguese synogoue founded by Jews coming from
        Portugal; the sobriquet was kehila calavassa (INFO
        FROM Albert Beja <ABeja65717@aol.com>)

        xxxx Cazes INFO FROM Moshe Faraggi
        <mofar@bgumail.bgu.ac.il> and in Joseph Nehama,
        "Histoire des Israelites de Salonique"

            xxxx Cazes (2), m. Saul Modiano (married at the age of

            Jacob Cazes (long time the president of the
            Saloniki communittee, and representative of the
            Vlasto firm)

        David Cazés/Gazés/Kazes [a.k.a. David Pash‡
        Cazés-Shalom] (from Salonica, b. mid 19th century,
        specialist in cooking cakes/candies; d. 1913) [INFO
        FROM Daniel Cazes <danielcm@servidor.unam.mx> and
        ILYA CAZES <molinari@infosel.net.mx>], b. abt 1850,
        m. 1.xxxx (xxxx) Shalom [+2: Mordejai, Abraham]; 2.Estrea
        Shalom [+2: Palomba, Haim] (d. 1939)

            Palomba Cazés-Shalom or Shaloum (b. Salonica)

            Mordechai Cazes (worked in constructions with
            Greek goverment), m. Sara Medina [+4: David, Samuel,
            Leon, Esther]

                David Cazes (3)

                Esther Cazes

                Leon Cazes (2)

                Samuel Cazes

            Abraham Cazés-Shalom (later to Montevideo)

            Haim Cazés-Shalom (b. Salonica; 1917: left
            Salonica to avoid military service in the Greek
            Republican Army; to New York, entered American
            Army as a cook in the military camp of Battle
            Creek; later he worked in candy store at the ferry
            to Staten Island; 1919: to Guadalajara; to NY and
            back to Mexico several times; 1938: stayed in
            Mexico; d. 1976, Mexico City; "Cazes" comes from
            Catalunya, a Spanish region, from which Jews were
            expelled in the Middle-Age) (in Salonika, his
            family lived in the Clisa Nueva, behind the Capan
            Baths, before the Great Fire), b. 1896, m. Ida
            (Menache-Montekio) Cazés-Shalom (b. Salonica, daughter of
            Mo•se Menache, Oro Montekio/Montecchio, m. 1919;
            d. 1986, Mexico City)

                Stella (Cazés-Shalom or Cazés-Menache)
                Krohnengold (b. Mexico; m. 1951), b. 1923,
                m. Arthur Krohnengold

                    Erik Krohnengold-Cazés

                    Lorrain Krohnengold-Cazés

                David Moises Cazés-Shalom or Cazés-Menache
                (b. Mexico), b. 29 Dec 1928, m. Betty (Gryj)
                Cazés-Shalom or Betty Gryj Freund (b. Mexico,
                8 Sept. 1939)

                    Heidy (Cazés-Gryj) Sevilla Heidi Cazés
                    Gryj (b. Utah, USA), b. 20 Aug 1960,
                    m. Jose Sevilla (b. Salt Lake City, UT)

                        David Sevilla

                        Jonathan Sevilla

                        Alan Sevilla (b. Mexico City),
                        b. 22 Jan 1966, m. Norma (Z‡rate) Sevilla
                        (m. 1996)

                            Regina Cazés-Z‡rate, b. 1998

                    Alan Jay Sevilla (b. Mexico),
                    b. 22 Jan 1966, m. Norma (Zarate) Cazés-Gryj

                        Regina Cazes Zarate

                    Josef Dann Cazés-Gryj (b. Mexico),
                    b. 7 Jul 1967

                    Abraham/Aby Cazés-Shalom or
                    Cazés-Gryj (b. Mexico), b. 18 Jul 1969,
                    m. Keren (Bierbinski) Cazés-Shalom (no children)

                Daniel Cazés (b. USA), b. 13 Sep 1939,
                m. 1.Madalena (Sancho) Cazés [+2, two sons: Ilya, Ari]
                (m. 1961; div. 1978); 2.Marcela Lagarde [child from
                previous marriage: Valeria, adopted by Daniel]
                (b. 1948, Mexico City)m. after 1978)

                    Ilya Cazés-Sancho (b. Mexico City),
                    b. 27 Sep 1966, m. Claudia (Molinari) (b. 1966,
                    Mexico City; m. 1989)

                        Denise Cazés-Molinari
                        (b. Chihuahua, Mexico), b. 1995

                    Ari Cazes INFO FROM Ari Cazes
                    <aricazes@hotmail.com>, b. 12 Jul 1968

                    Valeria Rojo-Lagarde (b. Mexico City;
                    adopted by Daniel Cazés), b. 1972


        Ali Kazez

            Ahmet Kazez (died 1997; this family originated
            in the Turkish city Harput (Elazig))

                Alaattin Kazez

                Bedrettin Kazez

                Mehmet Kazez

                Nurettin Kazez

                Selahattin Kazez

        father of Efraim Kazas [INFO FROM Gal Kazas

            (Mr.) xxxx Kazas, immigrated to Cuba, 1942

            Efraim Kazes (all Turkey to Israel, 1942), m. Sarah
            (xxxx) Kazas

                (Ms.) Mazal Kazas

                Gal Kazas, m. Sharon (xxxx) Kazas

                Haim Kazas

                Yehuda Kazas

        Yakov-Yako Kazes (INFO FROM Joseph Danon
        <jdanon@shani.net>), m. Sinyora ??

            Moise-Moshe Kazes (died about 1920s; from

                Eugeni-Ojeni (Kazes) Danon (b. Istanbul,
                Turkey 1901; went to Israel, about 1970;
                died Israel 1983)

                    Joseph Danon (Israel)

                Rose-Rosa Kazes (went to Israel, about 1970;
                2001: living)

                    who are the children of Rose Kazes?

                Albert Kazes (stayed in Turkey)

                    who are the children of Albert Kazes?

                Claire-Kler (Kazes) Levi (stayed in Turkey),
                m. Moiz Levi

                Esther (Kazes) Romano (from
                Kadikoy/Haskoy; stayed in Turkey),
                m. Albert-Avraham Romano

                    Leon Romano (b. 1934), b. 1934

                    Moiz Romano, b. 1945

                        Alper Romano INFO FROM Alper
                        Romano <alper.romano@chello.at>

            Raphael Kazes

            Klara (Kazes) Motola

            xxxx Kazes (brother of Moise; lived in Beyrouth,
            Lebanon; plus some other cousin lived in Lyon,

        xxxx Kazes or Saranga INFO FROM Avram Gamliel
        <saylor@sympatico.ca> = Avram Gamliel

            Fortunée (Kazes or Saranga) Roditi (b. 1882, d.
            1987), b. 1882, m. Yehoshua Roditi (b. 1884, d. 1974)

                Ya'akov Gamliel (d. 1986), b. 1915

                    Avram Gamliel (2), b. 12 Sep 1942,
                    m. Caroline (Zylberberg) Gamliel (b.
                    19 Nov 1947)

                        Daria Gamliel, b. 9 Jan 1973

                        Selina Gamliel, b. 30 Mar 1979

                    Yehoshua Gamliel, b. 15 Jan 1945,
                    m. Mazal (Kislasi) Gamliel (b. 1949?, b. 1987?)

                        Sharon Gamliel (b. 1972), b. 1972

                        Efrat Gamliel (b. 1976), b. 1976

                Rachel (Roditi) Gamliel (d. 1995), b. 1918,
                m. Ya'akov Gamliel

                    Avram Gamliel

                Pinhas Roditi, b. 1919

                Miryam Roditi, b. 1920

                Yaffa Roditi, b. 1920

                Ishak Roditi, b. 1921

        Alberto-Abraham Cazes (from Turkey, died 1980,
        Santiago) INFO FROM Jacques Albagli

            Nissim Cazes (b 1933)

                xxxx (Cazes) Albagli, m. Jacques Albagli

        Bibi Kazes (from Istanbul) [INFO FROM Noa Kazes, icq]

            Jacob Kazes (2)

            Rafael Kazes

                Eli Kazes, b. 1958

                    Noa Kazes (Mazkeret- Batya, Israel),
                    b. 1985

        Haim Cazes, m. Jenny (Orras) Cazes

            David Cazes (2), m. Rebecca (Molho) Cazes

                Jenny (Cazes) Ben-Nathan (died 1991),
                m. Jules Ben-Nathan (b. 1905, Bournemouth, England;
                died 1994)

                    Angela Ben-Nathan (b. 1940, d. 1958),
                    b. 1940

                    Edward Ben-Nathan, b. 1946, m. Ruth
                    (Ellis) Ben-Nathan

                        Simon Ben-Nathan, b. 1984

                Joseph-Pepo Cazes (died 1980s)

                Fortunee (Cazes) Kastoryano, m. Sabetai

                Suzanne (Cazes) Grafstrom (lives in
                Gothenburg , Sweden), m. xxxx Grafstrom

                    Peter Grafstrom (lives in Gothenburg,
                    Sweden), b. abt 1954, m. Kathia

                        Samuel Grafstrom, b. 1997

                        Albin, b. abt 2000

            Isaac Cazes

            Joseph Cazes (2), m. Estrea (xxxx) Cazes

            Nissim Cazes, m. Raquel (Angel) Cazes

                Victor Cazes

                Victoria (Cazes) Desouza, m. Oswaldo Desouza

                    Raquel Desouza

                Eugenie (Cazes) Kipnis, m. Nathan Kipnis

            Fortunee (Cazes) Gattegno, m. xxxx Gattegno

            Victoria (Cazes) Ben-Nathan   (b. 1886, Istanbul,
            Turkey; married 1904 Istanbul, Turkey; d.
            1934-1944, England), b. 1886, m. Albert Ben-Nathan
            (b. 1880, Istanbul, Turkey; d. 1937 London, England)

                Jules Ben-Nathan (b. 1905, Bournemouth,
                England; died 1994), m. Jenny (Cazes)
                Ben-Nathan (died 1991)

                    Angela Ben-Nathan (b. 1940, d. 1958),
                    b. 1940

                    Edward Ben-Nathan, b. 1946, m. Ruth
                    (Ellis) Ben-Nathan

                        Simon Ben-Nathan, b. 1984

                Victor Ben-Nathan (b. 1907 Bournemouth,
                England;      d. 1967), b. 1907, m. Ida (xxxx)

                    Naomi (Ben-Nathan) Zara     (b. 1909
                    Bournemouth, England; m. 17 Mar 1935),
                    b. 1909, m. Alfred Zara (<Zarafred@aol.com>)

                        Linda (Zara) Henry>>Arato
                        (<arato@bcitra.bc.ca>; lives in
                        Vancouver), b. 8 Jan 1942, m. 1. John
                        Henry (two children); 2. George Arato

                            A xxxx, b. abt 1980

                            Andrew xxxx, b. abt 1980

                        Robert Zara (d. 2000), b. May 1947

                            Joe Zara, b. abt 1985

                    Laurence Ben-Nathan   (b. 1946), b. 1946,
                    m. Marianne (xxxx) Ben-Nathan

                        Anne Marie Ben-Nathan

                        Paul Ben-Nathan

        Arnavutkoy/Ulus Cemetery

            Arnavutkoy/Ulus Cemetery INFO FROM ARLENE
            KAZES PHOTO TAKEN CA 2001

                Yako Kazes (b 1873; d 1934), b. 1873

                Nesim Y. Kazez (b 1917; d 1982), b. 1917

        father of Nissim and Haron (INFO FROM Michal Kazes,
        83961030@pager.icq.com, Nahariya, Israel)

            Izak Kazes (died in Israel)

                Nachman Kazes (Lod, Israel)

                Nissim Kazes (Lod, Israel)

                Rivka Kazes (Lod, Israel)

            Haron Kazes

            Nissim Kazes (from Babaheski, in Turkey; to Israel

                Natan Kazez (grandfather of Michal Kazes)

                Albert Kazez

        grandfather of Chaim Cazes (originally from Turkey;
        migrated to Brooklyn N.Y., early 1900s; "Cazes" family
        originally from northern Spain) [INFO FROM Elliot
        Cazes <eecazes@classic.msn.com>]

            Chaim Cazes

                Angel Cazes (b. Salonika/Thessaloniki,
                Greece; d. 1962, New York, NY)

                    Victor Cazes (d. 1990, Los Angeles, CA),
                    one child


                        Kelly Cazes (Los Angeles, no
                        children), b. 1962

                    Jack Cazes (b. Brooklyn, NY), b. 1934,
                    m. Eleanor (Schwartz) Cazes

                        Elliot E. Cazes (Tampa, FL; b. NJ),
                        b. 1963, m. Pamela (Paris) Cazes (b. 1965)

                            Matthew Cazes, b. 1992

                            Monica Cazes, b. 1994

                            Brett Cazes, b. 1996

                            Evan Cazes, b. 1998

                        Larry Cazes (Santa Clara, CA;
                        b. New Jersey), b. 1964

        David Cazes (buried at Haskoy Cemetery) INFO FROM

        Josef Kazez (Batya: "Menachem son of Josef Kazez who
        passed away in March 1966. He was born in Turkey and
        came to israel in 1950. His son is not Nissim, but Uri
        (might be a double name) born 1930. 3 Haim Landau
        str./Ramat Gan/Israel")

            Menachem Kazez

                Uri Kazez, b. 1930

        Haim Kazez

            Nissim Kazez (alive up to around 1930) ALL FROM
            m. Sinyyuru/Ceni (Alhadef) Kazez (died about 1947)

                Esther (Kazez) Fis (oldest child; died at age
                82), b. 1884?, m. Jack Fis (d. 1932)

                Salamon Kazez (oldest son; d. 1957), b. 1887,
                m. Zumbul (Nadn) Kazez (b. 1888; d. 1962)

                Rafael Kazez, b. 1894, m. Marie (Barizak) Kazez
                (b. 1901)

                Fanny (Kazez) Natan, b. 1894?, m. Izak Natan

                Israel/Izi Kazez (d. 1967) MY GRANDFATHER
                [GRANDFATHER OF DANIEL KAZEZ], b. 1895,
                m. Rasel (Fresco) Kazez (d. 1991)

                Haim/Vitali Kazez, b. 1896, m. Sara (Fresko)
                Kazez, b. 1900

                Perla (Kazez) Eskojido, b. 1898?, m. Nissim

                Pepo Kazez (d. June 1966), b. 31 Dec 1900,
                m. 1.Marie (xxxx) Kazez (a woman in Germany); 2.Ida
                (Canetti) Kazez, b. 25 May 1905, d. 28 May 1989

                Izak Kazez (2nd youngest child;
                d. 12 Dec. 1989), b. 11 Nov 1904, m. Louison
                (Caraco) Kazez (b. 5 May 1913; m. 6 June 1937; d. 26
                Nov. 1997)

                Fortune (Kazez) Antika (youngest child;
                d. 1991), b. abt 1907, m. Israel Antika

            Pula (Kazez) de Vidas (born about 1860s,
            b. abt 1865, m. Albert? Avram? de Vidas

                Kalo (de Vidas) Amram, b. 1886,
                m. Abraham-Albert>>Israel Amram

                Moise de Vidas (died 1932, Istanbul), b. 1892,
                m. Sarah-Sara (xxxx) de Vidas

                    Pauline de Vidas (born Istanbul; went to
                    Argentina), b. abt 1915

                    Albert de Vidas (born Istanbul; went to
                    Argentina), b. abt 1920

        Moiz Kazez

            Davit Kazez (used to live in Beruit)

            Yasef Kazez

            Albert Cazès = Albert Kazez (Albert had no
            children; appears to use Cazès just for a French
            document, but name is actually Kazez; appears to
            part of some kind of association or organization
            regarding schooling and/and or culture) INFO
            FROM "Haydarpasa'da Gecen 100 Yilimiz, 1999"
            and from Morris-Mimi Alcalay <Shayat1@aol.com>,
            b. bef 1920, m. Clara (xxxx) Kazez

        Izmir--Burial List

            Asher Kazes, m. Malka (xxxx) Kazes

                Yeuda Kazes (b. abt 1874; d. age 62, 17 Feb
                1936, Shevat 24 5696), b. abt 1874

            B. Sabetay Kazes, m. B. Zimbul (xxxx) Kazes

                Rivka Kazes (b. abt 1880; d. age 61, 7 Jun
                1941, Sivan 12 5701), b. abt 1880

            Eliya Kazes, m. Miryam (xxxx) Kazes

                Sol Kazes (b. abt 1876; d. age 72, 27 Oct
                1948, Tishri 24 5709), b. abt 1876

            Merkado Kazes, m. Sultana (xxxx) Kazes

                Esterula Kazes (b. abt 1866; d. age 70, 12 Dec
                1936, Kislev 28 5697), b. abt 1866

            Yako Kazes, m. Coya (xxxx) Kazes

                Hayim Kazes (b. abt 1877; d. age 57, 26 Nov
                1934, Elul 19 5695), b. abt 1877

            Yeuda Kazes, m. Kaden (xxxx) Kazes

                Ester Kazes (b. abt 1911; d. age 30, 2 Sep
                1941, Elul 10 5701), b. abt 1911

                Luna Kazes (b. abt 1913; d. age 30, 22 8
                1943, Av 21 5703), b. abt 1913

            Yisha Kazesk, m. Esterula (xxxx) Kazes

                Sadik Kazes (b. abt 1864; d. age 70, 13 Mar
                1934, Adar 26 5694), b. abt 1864

            Avram Kazez, m. Rahel (xxxx) Kazez

                Yakov Kazez (b. abt 1882; d. age 64, 25 Sep
                1946, Elul 29 5706), b. abt 1882

        Matzliach Kazes (born in Izmir; Luna, Hayme, Nisim
        from different marriage than Marocs) [INFO FROM
        Stephane Kazes, icq], m. xxxx (xxxx) Kazes

            Luna (Kazes) xxxx, m. Mhair xxxx MISTAKE HERE??

            Marco Kazes (lived in Argentina; died 1964)

            Hayme Kazes

            Nisim Kazes (b 1925, Israel), b. 1925, m. xxxx (xxxx)
            Kazes (2)

                Matzliach Kazes (b 1950, Israel), b. 1950,
                m. Nicole (xxxx) Kazes

                    Stephane Kazes (Israel)

        Rezoula (Cazez) Benaderet (INFO FROM Eve Line Blum
        and Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@bellsouth.net>; French
        Jews killed on Convoy #73 which went to the IXth Fort
        in Lithuania from France; Volume II, page 287, written
        by a niece of one of the Holocaust victims, Nelly
        Ascher), m. Michael Benaderet

            Haim (Victor) Benaderet, born 22 July 1906, in
            Aidin, Turkey (left Turkey at the age of 16years
            to escape conscription and went to live in Cuba;
            eventually returned to his family and they went
            to live in Marseilles, France, where they had a
            fruit and vegetable store; Haim was taken to
            Drancy on May 13, 1944, and thereupon went on
            Convoy #73 to Lithuania on May 15, 1944, where
            he was killed), b. 22 Jul 1906

        three Kazes families in Istanbul (spelled Cazes before
        Ataturk ordered foreign names spelt in Turkish; all
        originally from Oviedo, a university city in northern
        Spain) [INFO FROM Ilya Niss(?)im Kazes

            a family importing coal?

            a family producing fezes

                Hayim/Vitali Cazes, m. Sultana/Suzanne (xxxx)

                    Fifi/Fortune Cazes

                    Victoire/Vicky Cazes (Istanbul; knew
                    Emile Kazes: he from and to the summer
                    homes at Prinkipo/now Buyukada, and
                    she from and to Halki/now Heybeli)

                    Ilya Niss(?)im Kazes (Paris, an
                    astrophysicist, retired), b. abt 1930

            a family importing iron-goods

                I presume this is my family--Daniel Kazez

        Istanbul records and tombstones

            NS book marked "1921-1950" (this seems to be a
            book specifically for Ulus/Arnavutkoy burials)

                Coya Kazes (d 6 Evet 5693 = abt 1933; brd
                Rektankl 32, K ?, Mezar 15)

                Hayim (Vitali) Kazes (d 3 Jun 1949, 6 Sivan
                5709; brd Rektangl 164, K ?, Mezar 31)

                Marko Mois Kazes (brd Rektankgl 31, K ?,
                Mezar 22; d 1 Aug 1930)

                Rahila Kazes (d. 22 Feb 1950, 5 Adar 5710;
                buried Rektangl Yeni Mahalle, K ?, Mezar ?)

                Sara S. Kazes (d. 26 Jul 1934; rektangl 152,
                Mezar 10; buried Arnavutkoy)

                Sinyoru Kazes (brd Rektangl ?, K 21, Mezar 5;
                d 18-19 Oct 1947; Mulahazai Konsesion lu idi
                [likely is cause of death])

                Yako Kazes (d 2 Apr 1934; brd Rektankl, Kaze
                154 M, Mezar 1)

            NS circum "1915-1949"

                David Kazes, b. bef 1889

                    Klara (Kazes) Kamhi, b. bef 1907,
                    m. Nesim Kazes (father Yusef)

                        Yishak Kamhi (birth/circum 3 Sivan
                        5687, 3 Jun 1927, 10 Sivan 5686,
                        resut 644), b. abt 3 Jun 1927

                Nesim Kazes, b. bef 1890

                    Vitali Kazes, b. bef 1908, m. Susan (Kohen)
                    Kazes (father Eliya)

                        Eliya Kazes (birth/circum 12 Adar
                        5686, 26 Feb 1926, 19 Adar 5686,
                        resut 445), b. abt 26 Feb 1926

                Jaakov Kazes (2), b. bef 1892

                    Fortune (Kazes) Mizrahi, b. bef 1910,
                    m. Aaron Mizrahi (father Elia)

                        Elia Mizrahi (birth/circum 4 Hevan
                        5689, 18 Dec 1938, #905),
                        b. abt 18 Dec 1928

                Refael {Shemuel} Kazes, b. bef 1892

                    Semuel {Shemuel} Kazes, b. bef 1910

                        Refael Kazes (birth/circum 29 Av
                        5688, 15 Aug 1928, resut 867),
                        b. abt 15 Aug 1928

                Selomo {Shelomo} Kazes (2), b. bef 1892

                    Matilda (Kazes) Hezkiya, b. bef 1910,
                    m. Selomo {Shelomo} Hezkiya (father Refael)

                        Refael Hezkiya (birth/circum 25
                        Tevet 5688, 18 Jan 1928; resut
                        732), b. abt 18 Jan 1928

                Semuel {Shemuel} Kazes (2), b. bef 1892

                    Mose {Moshe} Kazes (3), b. bef 1910,
                    m. Ojeni (Sevilya) Kazes (father Johas?)

                        Semuel {Shemuel} Kazes
                        (birth/circum 21 Hesvan 5689, 23
                        Nov 1928, resut 901),
                        b. abt 23 Dec 1928

                Elijer Kazes, b. bef 1893

                    Hayim Kazes (4), b. bef 1911, m. Sultana
                    (Koen) Kazes (father Eliya)

                        Yaakov Kazes (birth/circum 28
                        Kislev 5690, 30 Dec 1929, resut
                        982), b. abt 30 Dec 1929

                xxxx Kazes, b. bef 1893

                    Aaron Kazes, b. bef 1911, m. Vintura
                    (Franko) Kazes (father Jaakov)

                        Yaakov Kazes (birth/circum 7 Ihul
                        5689, 12 Sep 1929, resut 53),
                        b. abt 12 Sep 1929

                Yeuda Kazes (2), b. bef 1895

                    Behor Kazes, b. bef 1913, m. Viktorya
                    (Franko) Kazes (father Yaakov)

                        Yeuda Kazes (birth/circum 16
                        Hesvan 5692, 18 Nov 1931, resut
                        3550), b. abt 18 Nov 1931

                Efrayim Jeuda Kazes, b. bef 1897

                    Leon Kazes (2), b. bef 1915, m. Sara
                    (Romi) Kazes (father Hayim)

                        Jeuda Kazes (birth/circum 10 Tisru
                        5694, 30 Sep 1933, resut 635),
                        b. abt 30 Sep 1933

                Jaakov Kazes , b. bef 1898

                    Semuel {Shemuel} Kazes (3), b. bef 1917,
                    m. Ester (Nahum) Kazes (father is Avraam)

                        Yaakov Kazes (birth/circum 1 Tisri
                        5695, 10 Sep 1934, resut 796),
                        b. abt 10 Sep 1934

                Mose {Moshe} Kazes (4), b. bef 1899

                    Ester (Kazes) Levi, b. bef 1917, m. Hayim
                    Levi (father Izak)

                        Izak Levi (birth/circum 7 Kislev
                        5696, 3 Dec 1935, #968),
                        b. abt 3 Dec 1935

                Yeuda Kazes (3), b. bef 1899

                    Robert or Avraam Kazes, b. bef 1917,
                    m. Vitorya (Franko) Kazes (father Jaakov)

                        Josef Kazes (birth/circum 28
                        Hasran 5696, 24 Nov 1935, resut
                        964) , b. abt 24 Nov 1935

                Jaakov Kazes (3), b. bef 1901

                    Malkuna (Kazes) Mizrahi, b. bef 1919,
                    m. Aaron Mizrahi (father Eliya)

                        Refael Mizrahi (birth/circum 12
                        Adar I 5698, 13 Feb 1937, #329),
                        b. abt 13 Feb 1937

                Yomtov Kazes, b. bef 1907

                    Aaron Kazes (2), b. bef 1925, m. Emili
                    (Hason) Kazes (father David)

                        Gerson {Gershon} Kazes
                        (birth/circum 25 Ilul 5704, 24 Sep
                        1943), b. abt 24 Sep 1943

                Meir Kazes (2), b. bef 1908

                    Elija Kazes, b. bef 1926, m. Lea (Sulam)
                    Kazes (father Yomtov)

                        Meir Kazes (birth/circum 24 Sivan
                        5704, 9 Jun 1944),
                        b. abt 9 Jun 1944

                Meir Kazes (4), b. bef 1908

                    Vida (Kazes) Mitrani, b. bef 1926, m. Elia
                    Mitrani (father Mose {Moshe})

                        Mose {Moshe} Mitrani
                        (birth/circum 30 Tisri 5705, 17 Oct
                        1944, #648), b. abt 17 Oct 1944

                Mose {Moshe} Kazes (6), b. bef 1909

                    Pinhas Kazes or Derkazes, b. bef 1927,
                    m. Ester (Jeruham?) Kazes or Derkazes

                        Mose {Moshe} Kazes or Derkazes
                        (28 Nisan 5705, 11 Apr 1945),
                        b. abt 11 Apr 1945

                Meir Kazes, b. bef 1910

                    Ester (Kazes) Gerzi, b. bef 1928, m. Joef
                    Gerzi (father Yesua {Yeshua})

                        Yishak Gerzi (birth/circum 22 Nisan
                        5706, 23 Apr 1946),
                        b. abt 23 Apr 1946

                Meir Kazes (3), b. bef 1910

                    Elia Kazes, b. bef 1928, m. Lea (Sulam)
                    Kazes (father is Yomtov)

                        Yomtov Kazes (birth/circum 11
                        Sivan 5706, 10 Jun 1946),
                        b. abt 10 Jun 1946

                Refael Kazes, b. bef 1912

                    Viyolet (Kazes) Lombrozo ‚elikkanat,
                    b. bef 1930, m. Mose {Moshe} Dinç? (father Dinç;
                    grandfather Yosef)

                        Yosef Lombrozo ‚elikkanat (24 Izar
                        5708, 2 Jun 1948),
                        b. abt 2 Jun 1948

                Meir Kazes (5), b. bef 1913

                    Vida (Kazes) Mitrani (2), b. bef 1931,
                    m. Elia Mitrani (father is Mose {Moshe})

                        Meir Mitrani (birth/circum 3 Adar
                        5709, 4 Mar 1949, #882),
                        b. abt 4 Mar 1949

            CRO marriages, 1886-1899

                Yako Kazez bef 1862

                    Rahel (Kazez) Benatar (m. 14 Sevat 5658
                    = 6 Subat 1898, #43), b. bef 1880, m. Nis.
                    Benatar (father Beno.)

                Nissim Kazez

                    Israel Kazez (details are on my family
                    tree), m. Rasel (Fresko) Kazez

                Davit Kazes, b. bef 1855

                    Salam. Kazez (m 17 Av 5651, 21 Aug
                    1891, no. 636), b. bef 1873, m. Cera
                    (Bensuse) Kazez (father Polohron)

                Aron Kazes, b. 1855

                    Izak Kazes (3 Tamuz, 19 Jul 1891, no.
                    613), b. bef 1873, m. Batseva (Boton) Kazes
                    (father Semtor)

            CRO marriages, 1903-1911

                Nisim Kazes SEE OUR FAMILY TREE, b. 1864

                    Salom. Kazes (m. 1911, 174-83), b. 1887,
                    m. Sunbul (Naon) Kazes (father Nis.)

                Yako Kazez, b. bef 1867

                    Mair Kazes (m. 1903, 7-125) ,
                    b. bef 1885, m. Oro (Behar) Kazes (father
                    Salomon de Levy)

                Haim Kazes, b. bef 1868

                    Vida (Kazes) Ben Natan (m. 1904,
                    22-223), b. bef 1886, m. Avram Ben Natan
                    (fathr Yesua {Yeshua})

                Uriel Kazes (2), b. bef 1868

                    Yuda Kazes (m. 1904, 20-185),
                    b. bef 1886, m. Luna (Behar) Kazes (father

                Uriel Kazes (3), b. bef 1868

                    Eliezer Kazes (m. 1904, number??),
                    b. bef 1886, m. Sunbul (Filiba) Kazes (father
                    Mose {Moshe})

                Mord. Kazes (2), b. bef 1869

                    Ester (Kazes) Mizrahi (m. 1904, 25-273),
                    b. bef 1886, m. Yako Mizrahi (father David)

                xxxx Kazes (2), b. bef 1869

                    Nissim Kazes (m. 1905, 36-54),
                    b. bef 1887, m. Beyo (Aramata) Kazes (father

                Yako Kazes (3), b. bef 1869

                    David Kazes (m. 1905, 54-389),
                    b. bef 1887, m. Bulisa (Kohen) Kazes (father
                    Mose {Moshe})

                Haim Kazes (2), b. bef 1870

                    David Kazes (m. 1906, 63-113),
                    b. bef 1888, m. Batseva (Molko) Kazes (father

                Mord. Kazes, b. bef 1870

                    Miryam Kazes (m. 1906, 63-99),
                    b. bef 1888, m. Sam. Alkulumbre (father Yako)

                Mose {Moshe} Kazes (5), b. bef 1870

                    Bunu? (Kazes) Halofon (m. 1906,
                    63-105), b. bef 1888, m. Daniel Halfon
                    (father Haim)

                Avram Kazes (2), b. bef 1871?

                    Estreya (Kazes) Yanni (m. 1906, 65-149),
                    b. bef 1889, m. Yako Yanni (father Avram)

                Avram Kazes (3), b. bef 1872

                    Yesua {Yeshua} Kazes (m. 1908, 108-83),
                    b. bef 1908, m. Vida (Bali) Kazes (father Ref.

                Naftali Kazes, b. bef 1872

                    Sara (Kazes) Galimidi (m. 1908,
                    110-240), b. bef 1890, m. Meir. Galimidi
                    (father Ref.)

                Nis. Kazes (2), b. bef 1872

                    Juda Kazes (m. 1908, 111-139),
                    b. bef 1890, m. Mazaltov (Romi) Kazes (father

                Nis. Aron Kazes, b. bef 1872

                    Mose {Moshe} Kazes (m. 1908,
                    numbers?), b. bef 1890, m. Rahel (Havigo?)
                    Kazes (father Beh. Isak)

                Behar Joka Kazes, b. bef 1873

                    Avr? Kazes (m. 1909, 12-5), b. bef 1891,
                    m. Refke (Liza) Kazes (father Sabet.)

                Yako Haim Kazes, b. bef 1873

                    Bohor Kazes (m. 1909, 132-187 or 189),
                    b. bef 1891, m. Mazaltov (Levi) Kazes (father

                Pinhas Kazes or Derkazes (2), b. bef 1874

                    Mose {Moshe} Kazes (m. 1909,
                    151-153?), b. bef 1892, m. Klara (Behar)
                    Kazes (father Elia)

                Nis. Kazes, b. bef 1874

                    Estreya (Kazes) Hayon (m. 1910,
                    149-60), b. bef 1892, m. Avr. Hayon
                    (father Haim)

                Yako Kazes (2), b. bef 1874

                    Mazaltov (Kazes) Barbut (m. 1910, 148-42),
                    b. bef 1892, m. Salom. Barbut (father

                Nis. Yako Kazes, b. bef 1875

                    Sam. Kazes (m. 1911, 182-237), b. bef 1893,
                    m. Roza (Baruch) Kazes (father Avr.)

                Salom. Kazes, b. bef 1875

                    David Kazes (m. 1911, 173-58), b. bef 1893,
                    m. Rahel (Ariel) Kazes (father Isak)

                Uriel Kazes, b. bef 1875

                    Luna (Kazes) Ojalvo (m. 1911, 194-468),
                    b. bef 1893, m. Haim Avr. Ojalvo
                    (father Nis. Yosef)

                Mord. Kazes (3), b. bef 1910

                    Rahel (Kazes) Yanni (m. 1910, 158-235),
                    b. bef 1892, m. Sam Yanni (father

            CRO marriages, 1912-1921

                Nisim Kazes SEE OUR TREE, b. 1864

                    Haim Kazes (m. 1918, 85-39), b. 1893, m. Sara
                    (Fresko) Kazes (father Nisim)

                Nisim Kazes SEE OUR TREE (2), b. 1864

                    Isr. Kazes (m. 1919, 111-241), b. 1898,
                    m. Rahel (Fresko) Kazez (father Yako

                xxxx Kazes (3), b. bef 1878

                    Elia Kazes (m. 1914, 41-52), b. bef 1896,
                    m. Roza (Aaron?) Kazes (father Yako or
                    Yako Aaron)

                Haim Kazes (3), b. bef 1882

                    Yesua {Yeshua} Kazes (m. 1918, 122-438),
                    b. bef 1900, m. Bulisa Eliza (Kandyoti)
                    Kazes (father) Amram

                Haim-Behor Kazes, b. bef 1882

                    Ref. [Refael] Kazes (m. 1918, 83-2),
                    b. bef 1900, m. Kadun (Eli) Kazes
                    (father Yako)

                Pinhas Kazes, b. bef 1882

                    Mair Kazes (m. 1918, 94-212), b. bef 1900,
                    m. Lea Eliza (Saranga) Kazes (father

            CRO marriages, 1922-1933

                Nis. Kazes (3), b. bef 1886

                    Vitali Kazes (m. 1922, 37-424), b. bef 1904,
                    m. Sultana (Kohen) Kazes (m. 1922,

                Nis. Kazes (4), b. bef 1888

                    Jako Kazes (m. 1924, numbers?), b. bef 1906,
                    m. Zunbul (Kohen) Kazes (father Nis.)

                Nis. Kazes (5), b. bef 1888

                    Haim Kazes (m. 1925, 90-167), b. bef 1907,
                    m. Rahel (Ancel) Kazes (father Ref.

            Kadikoy/Haydarpasada (5 June 2001)

                Mordehay (father of David Cazes/Kazes)

                    David Cazes/Kazes (ben Mordehay) (died 7 Eloul
                    5675 = 17 August 1915; tomb 1046; Sira C, No
                    1347; page 60 = dk page hi 30; and page 125 = dk
                    page hi 75);

                Avram Kazez (father of Estrea)

                Haim Kazez (died 9 Sivan 5701 = 4 June 1941; but
                record says = 18 Jan 1941; Sera A, No 238; page 96 =
                dk page hi 45)

                Kadun Kazez (died 27 Tevet 5707 = 19 Jan 1947; Sera
                a, No 319; page 98 = dk page hi 47)

                Yaakov Kazez (father of Mose)

                    Mose Kazez (ben Yaakov) (died 19.08.1938 = 19
                    Aug 1938; age 63 = b abt 1875, Sera A, No 237),
                    b. abt 1875

                Uriel/Oriel Kazez (died 02 Nisan 5677 = 25 Mar 1917;
                age 86 = b abt 1831; tomb 415; Sira B, No 654; page 26 =
                dk page hi 13; and page 107 = dk page 58 hi)

                Avram Kazez (died 21.08.1985 = 21 Aug 1985; age 75 =
                b abt 1910; Ada 923; page 99 = dk page hi 187.1;
                Olumune sebep (Hastaligi Kalf Yetuizlegi; Defin
                ruhsatiyesi No ve tarini 1673 22.8.1985; dusunceler
                Mouzat beg Sok. Umut oft. Mode), b. abt 1910

            Kuzguncuk Cemetery, Istanbul

                Shmuel Kazes (died 10 Dec 1921; Istanbul digital photo
                does not say much else)

                Vida Ester Cazes (died 1923; No 197; dk page 16 ku;
                [buried] K.2]

                Menahem Kazes (1880-1943)

                Viktorya Kazez Bab. Jako (died 4 Aug 1966; Ada No
                435, page 17 = dk page 48 ku; Adi Soyadi ve adresi
                Kuzguncuk d?? icn Sok No 135; Dusunceler alt 62, No
                136, Varek 7, tarih ve 47.32.236/8636

            NS book marked "1910-1950"

                Hayim Kazes

                    Nessim Mazliah Kazes (d 11 Sevat 5568, 2 Feb
                    1928, musevi Semeteryo, died at Bedredin)

                Hayim Kazes (2)

                    Ija de [Ladino: daughter of] Hayim Kazes (first
                    name unknown; d 11 Feb 1932; buried Haskoy;
                    address Kassun pasa Dogru Yol; page 125)

                Sabetay Kazez

                    Semuel Kazez (address, Sahkule; brd Kuzguncuk,
                    10 Nov or Dec 1921; p 119

                Merkada Kazes (father Mose {Moshe}; d 15 Hesvan
                5686, 2 Nov 1925; brd Kuzguncuk, lived Sah Kule; p

                Viktorya Kazes (father Merkado; d 17 Av 683, 30 Jul
                1923; brd Kuzguncuk; b 120)

                Rahila Kazes (father Yako, b 1270 = 1854; d 5 Adar
                5710 = 22 Feb 1950, buried Arnavutkoy, addr Buyuk
                Hendek 42, varik 62, cilt 6, death from heart attack;
                page 111, sira 47), b. 1854

                Yuda Kazes, b. bef 1890

                    Bohor (Avraam) Kazes (b 1324 = 1908, d 17 Adar
                    5710 6 Mar 1950, buried Haskoy; Beyoglu
                    Kumbaraci Yokusu 70/1, varik 92, cilt 1, death
                    cert issued from Fener, death by heart attack;
                    page 111, sira 61), b. 1908

                Aron Kazes (d 29 Mar 1917; page 115), b. bef 1917

                Klara Kazes (d 12 Sep 1917), b. bef 1917

                Donna Kazez (father Avram, d 23-24 Nov 1918, brd
                haskoy, address Sahsuvar), b. bef 1918

            NS marriages, 1945-present

                Avram Kazez (2), b. ?

                    Yasef Kazez (m year?), b. ?, m. Kadun (Levi)
                    Kazez (father Merkado)

                Mose {Moshe} Kazes (2), b. bef 1908

                    Roza (Kazes) Faro (m. 20 Nov 1944, no. 2508,
                    Beyoglu, or Galata 29 Evet 5705, 14 Jan 1945),
                    b. bef 1926, m. Avram Faro (age 31,
                    bachelor, father Josef)

                Mose {Moshe} Kazes, b. bef 1909

                    Avram Kazes (m 1945, 31-430), b. bef 1927,
                    m. Susan (Yasef? Hason?) Kazes (father
                    Hason? Yasef?)

                Sami Menahem Kazes, b. bef 1909

                    Semuel {Shemuel} Kazes (m 1946, 41-196),
                    b. bef 1927, m. Margarit? Belina?
                    (Isahar?) Kazes

                Sabetay Kazez (2), b. bef 1911

                    Mose {Moshe} Kazez (m 1947, 78-587),
                    b. bef 1927, m. Estrea (Mizrahi) Kazez
                    (father Menahem)

                Semuel {Shemuel} Kazez, b. 1911

                    Mose {Moshe} Kazez (m 1947), b. bef 1927,
                    m. Ojeni (Sevilya) Kazez (father Yako)

                Avram Kazes, b. bef 1913

                    Yako Kazes (2) (married1949, 122-364),
                    b. bef 1931, m. Sultana (Levi) Kazes
                    (father Avraham)

                Hayim Kazes (3), b. bef 1913

                    Nesim Kazes(m 1949, 138-732), b. bef 1931,
                    m. Ivet (Behar) Kazes (father Izak)

                Merkado Kazes (2), b. bef 1913

                    Elia Kazes (married 1949, 108-59),
                    b. bef 1931, m. Reyna (Gerson
                    {Gershon}) Kazes (father Yosef)

                Selomo {Shelomo} Kazes, b. bef 1913

                    Nesim Kazes (m 1949, 124-408?), b. bef 1931,
                    m. Vittoria (Ovadia) Kazes (father Yako)

                Menahem Kazes, b. bef 1937

                    Mose {Moshe} Kazes (m 1945, 20-190B?; see our
                    family tree), b. bef 1927, m. Suzan
                    (Alhadef) Kazes (father David)

            Haydarpasa Tombstones

                Moshe Kazes (d before 1943), m. Estrelya (xxxx)
                Kazes (widow of Moshe Kazis; died 24 Nisan
                1943 = 29 April 1943, buried Haydarpasa)

                Chaim Kazis (d 9 Sivan 1941 = 4 Jun 1941, buried

                Jacob Kazes (3)

                    Mison Moshe Kazes (son of deceased Jacob; d 22
                    Av 5698 = 19 Aug 1938, buried Haydarpasa)

                Rephael Kazis, b. bef 1928, m. Kadun (xxxx)
                Kazes (widow of Rephael Kazes; d 27 Tevet
                1946 = 31 Dec 1945/1946, buried

            Ulus Cemetery tombstones

                Aron Kazes (d 17 Jan 1967, buried Ulus, 217-21)

                Coya Kazez (6 Tevet 5693 = 4 Jan 1933; buried Ulus,

                Davit Kazez (d 9 Feb 1955, buried Ulus R 194-9)

                Hayim Kazez (d. 3 Jun 1949, buried Ulus, 164-31)

                Izi Kazez (d 11 Dec 1967, buried Ulus, A 216-11)

                Jak Kazez (d 18 Oct 1953, buried Ulus, K.151-10, but
                could not find)

                Luna Kazes (5966, d 4 Jul 1975, buried Ulus, A-27-19)

                Marko Moise Mordechai Kazis (d Av 5690, 1 Aug 1930;
                buried Ulus, R-31-22)

                Maryam Kazes (5030, d 6 Jul 1971, buried Ulus,

                Mison {Mishon} Mose {Moshe} Kazez (d 27 Apr 1954,
                buried Ulus, R-183-29)

                Mois Kazez (d 26 May 1955, buried Ulus, R-157-2)

                Moise Moshe Pinhas S. Kazes (d 5 Sivan 5715 = 26 May
                1955, buried Ulus)

                Mose Moshe Menachem Kazis (d 24 Nisan 5714 = 27
                Apr 1954, buried Ulus)

                Nisim M. Kazis (d 8 Shvat 5688? = 1928; buried Ulus,

                Rahila Kazez (d 22 Feb 1950, buried Ulus, Yeni Male =
                no number)

                Rebeca Kazes (b 1886 = 5646, d Feb 1965 = 5275;
                buried Ulus)

                Rebeka Kazez (d 31 May 1962, buried Ulus, R 197-11)

                Refael Kazes (5152, d 11 Nov 1971, buried Ulus, A

                Salamon Kazez (d 2 Jul 1957, buried Ulus, K.157-12)

                Sara Kazes (d 23 Jul 1934, buried Ulus, R-152-10, but
                could not find)

                Sinyuru Kazes (d 17 Oct 1947, buried Ulus, K.21-5)

                Izi Kazez (d 5728 = 1967; buried Ulus)

                Mevis Marah Noia Kazis (d 6 Tevet 5693 = 4 Jan 1933;
                buried Ulus)

                Jacob Samuel Yaakov Shmuel Kazes (d Nisan 5604? =
                1944?; buried where?)

                Yakov Kazes (d 2 Feb 1934, buried Ulus, 114K. 154-2)

                Zumbul Kazez (d 20 Dec 1962, buried Ulus, K 17-11)

        xxxx Cazes (father of Eli, Leon, and Asher/Albert; from Izmir,
        Turkey) INFO FROM Carole Weinsoff (nee Telias) - daughter of
        Julia Cazes. (sp?) 914-352-0924, and George Roniger

            Diamante Cazes

            Eli Cazes

            Leon Cazes (2), died 1920s, m. Allegra (xxxx) Cazes,
            died 1920s

                Eddy Cazes

                Jack Cazes

                Jose Cazes

                Mario Cazes

                Suzanna Cazes

                Julia (Cazes) Telias, b. 1909, m. xxxx Telias

                    Carole (Telias) Weinsoff, m. xxxx Telias

            Asher/Albert Cazes (to New York)

        Mose {Moshe}


                Mose {Moshe} Derkazes (b 11 Apr 1945), m. Inci
                [=Perla] (Barouh) Derkazes

        Nissim/Aaron/Aharon Cazes (b. 1840, Istanbul; lantern maker,
        tinsmith; Istanbul; to Greece, 1907; d. 1931) [INFO FROM Aris
        Kazes, New York; and from [INFO FROM Marie Calahorra
        <elonc@internet-.zahav.net> AND Arieh Calahorra
        <ariehc@internet-zahav.net>]], b. 1840, m. Rachel (xxxx)

            Moise/Moses Kazes (a rug maker; Greece; to Istanbul
            before Balkan War, 1912; to Camaguay [spelling??], Cuba,
            1918, with son from first wife; married again, with children,
            in Cuba), b. bef 1884, m. 1.xxxx (xxxx) Kazes (died
            in Istanbul; had one son); 2.xxxx (xxxx) Kazez

                probably other children, maybe 2 or 3 daughters

                a son with first wife

                Alexander Kazes (killed in WW II, age 30),
                b. abt 1910

            Yehuda/Leon-Juda Kazes (lantern maker, then inducted into
            Turkish gendarme; Greece; to Istanbul before Balkan War,
            1912; to Israel, 1929 or 1931; d. 1985, age 100), b. 1885

                Ephraim Kazes

                Fannie/Fanny Kazes

                Rachel Kazes

                Robert Kazes (lantern maker, fence factory; d. 1949),
                m. Victoria (xxxx) Kazes (to Israel, 1951)

                    ?Israel Kazes

                    Fortune Kazes

                    Jacob Kazes

                    Leon Kazes

            Jacques/Jacob Kazes (Greece; to Israel after WWII; d. 1970,
            Israel), b. 1890

                Aris Kazes (b. Athens; Athens>>Israel>>USA), b. 1923

            Izaak/Itzchak Cazes (Greece; to Israel after WWII; d. 1975),
            b. 1895, m. Rahel (xxxx) Cazes

                Eliza Cazes

                Rachel Cazes (killed, WWII)

                Marie (Cazes) Calahorra, b. 1924

                    Arieh Cazes

        Haim Kazez (born 1854; died1884), b. 1854, m. Lea
        (Benbassat) Kazez (died at age 89)

            Lechua/Iechua Kazez (always lived in Turkey), m. Bulisa
            (xxxx) Kazez

                xxxx (Kazez) xxxx (girl, lives in Israel--Jan 2001)

                xxxxx (Kazez) xxxx (girl, lives in Israel--Jan 2001)

            Salamon Kazez (Oldest known member of the Argentine
            branch of the Kazez family; cameto Argentina in 1951;
            buried at Jewish cemetery "Ciudadela," close to the city of
            Buenos Aires. 9 sons: Two died, six live in Buenos Aires,
            and one lives in Israel. Died 15 Jan 1952. Buried tablon 51,
            sepultura 15, No acta 1628, No AGJA CiuACI S1457.),
            b. 1879, m. Bienvenida (Acrich) Kazez (died at
            age 80, 1973)

                Mordejai-Marcos Kazez (b. Galipoli; d. 1984),
                b. 5 Feb 1913, m. Esther (Acrich) Kazez
                (b. 1918, Tucuman, Argentina)

                    Ernesto Salomon Kazez (b. 7 Jan 1940, Buenos
                    Aires), b. 7 Jan 1940, m. Gloria (Kroll
                    Bieber) Kazez (b. 21 Nov 1943, Buenos

                        Gabriel Carlos Norberto (b. 1966, Buenos
                        Aires), b. 1966, m. Viviana (Antevi)
                        Kazez (b. 1968, Buenos Aires)

                        Patricia Analia (Kazez) Michalewiz (b. 1969,
                        Buenos Aires), b. 1969, m. Daniel

                            Kevin Michalewiz (b. 1997, Buenos
                            Aires), b. 1997

                        Viviana Ester (Kazez) Papier (b.1972, Buenoa
                        Aires) , b. 1972, m. Jonas Papier (b.
                        Buenos Aires)

                            Micael Papier (b. 2001, Buenos Aires),
                            b. 2001

                    Eduardo Nathan Kazez, b. 1943, m. Araceli
                    (Vallejo) Kazez, div.

                        Pablo Kazez, b. 1968, m. Laura (Di
                        Paola) Kazez

                            Martin Ezcequiel Kazez, b. 1992

                        Carlos Kazez, b. 1971, m. Mirta (xxxx)

                        Sebastian Maximo Kazez, b. 1980

                    Marcelo Benjamin Kazez, b. 1953, m. Graciela
                    (Cabuli) Kazez

                        Denisse Joana Kazez, b. 1981

                        Martin Diego Kazez, b. 1984

                Vidal-Jaime-Haim Kazez (b. 1915, Galipoli; d. 1988),
                b. 1915, m. Julia (Stamati) Kazez

                    Liliana (Kazez) Scharovsky , m. Daniel
                    Scharovsky (b. 1956)

                        Maia Scharovsky (b. 1980, Jerusalem, Israel),
                        b. 1980

                        Jonathan Scharosky (b. 1983, Kefar Ava,
                        Israel), b. 1983

                    Esther Bienvenida (Kazez) Dana, b. 1948,
                    m. Rafael Dana, div.

                        Marcos Javier Dana, b. 1969, m. Sandra
                        (Rosemberg) Dana

                            Martina Sara Dana, b. 1996

                            boy: xxxx Dana, b. 1999

                        Sofia Lorena Dana, b. 1970

                    Ricardo Salomon Kazez, b. 1950, m. 1.
                    Viviana (Grois) Kazez (d. 1989; no
                    children), m. Liliana (Colantonio) Kazez

                        Pablo Andres Kazez, b. 1979

                        Diego Esteban Jaime Kazez, b. 1983

                        Florencia Kazez, b. 1992

                Nesim Kazez (b. Galipoly), b. 1917, m. Velia Luisa
                (Solis) Kazez (+1: Ruth), m. Liza (Navon)
                Kazez (+1: Carlos)

                    Carlos Salomon Kazez, b. 1953, m. Monica
                    (Chame) Kazez

                        Andres Daniel Kazez, b. 1980

                        Natali Leiza Kazez, b. 1985

                    Ruth (Kazez) Piterman, b. 1966, m. Gustavo
                    Andres Piterman

                        Valeria Piterman

                Jose Kazez (b. Buenos Aires), b. 1920, m. Matilde
                (Oksac) Kazez

                    Daniel Cazes, b. ?, m. Eledi (Di Fiori) Cazes

                        girl: xxxx Cazes

                        girl: xxxxx Cazes

                        girl: xxxxxx Cazes

                    Armando Salomon Cazes, b. 1954, m. Mimi
                    Noemi (Lopez) Cazes

                        Romina Cazes, b. 1981

                        Matias Hector Cazes, b. 13 Jul 1983

                        Guido Hector Cazes, b. 24 Apr 1987

                Samuel Kazez (b. Galipoly; single), b. 1923

                Naftali-Natalio Kazez (b. Galipoly), b. 1926,
                m. Raquel (Tumene) Kazez

                    Roberto Salomon Kazez (Buenos Aires, Argentina),
                    b. 1951, m. Beatriz (Safdie) Kazez

                        Jonathan Kazez, b. 1984

                        Ilan Kazez, b. 1990

                    Oscar Kazez (Buenos Aires, Argentina),
                    b. 14 Jan 1958, m. Claudia
                    (Schorlandman) Kazez

                        Martin Kazez, b. 27 Jan 1983

                        Cinthia Kazez, b. 29 Jul 1984

                        Brian Kazez, b. 31 Jan 1989

                    Silvia Kazez (single; Buenos Aires, Argentina),
                    b. 1959

                Aron Kazez (b. Galipoly), b. 1928, m. Marina
                (Menashe) Kazez

                    David Salomon Kazez, b. 1958, m. Judith
                    (Chab) Kazez

                        Nicolas Salomon Kazez, b. 1983

                        Sebastian Kazez, b. 1987

                    Alejandro Kazez, b. 1960, m. Claudia
                    (Vasquez) Kazez

                        Nicole Kazez, b. 1993

                Rajamin Kazez (b. Galipoly; living Israel), b. 1930,
                m. Mazal (xxxx) Kazez

                    Salomon Kazez (Tel Aviv, Israel), b. 1955

                    Bathia Kazez (Tel Aviv, Israel), b. 1958

                Nahum Kazez (b. Galipoly), b. 1932, m. Colette
                (Chame) Kazez (b. 1941)

                    Claudio Salomon Kazez, b. 1960

                    Laura Dora Kazez, b. 1963

    Several origins

        INFO FROM Naturalizations listed here:
        http://perso.wanadoo.fr/geneagm/ABCD.htm (L'AGM a relevé sur
        les bulletins des lois détenus aux Archives Départementales de
        l'Hérault les naturalisations en Algérie et Tunisie de 1830 ˆ 1920.
        Trente mille noms ont ainsi été répertoriés. Une équipe d'une
        dizaine de bénévoles y a consacré 3 ans.)


                Marie Thérèse Cases (naturalized 16/02/1863; from
                Sidi-Bel-Abbes (Alg)

                Carmelo Ramon Cases (naturalized 10/07/1835; from
                San Miguel (Esp)

                Vincent Cases (naturalized 11/07/1891; from Oran

            Cazes (2)

                David Cazes (naturalized 14/04/1851; from Tetuan

                David Cazes (naturalized 28/04/1850; from Tetouan

                Méssodi Cazes (naturalized 14/08/1868; from Tétouan

        Holocaust victims [INFO FROM Serge Klarsfeld, "Memorial to the
        Jews Deported from France 1942-1944"]

            Jacques Kazes (from Belgrade, Yugoslavia; Convoy 49,
            2 Mar. 1943; page 388 of Klarsfeld), b. 8 Aug 1880

            Sarah Kazes (from Belgrade, Yugoslavia; Convoy 34,
            18 Sept. 1942; page 288 of Klarsfeld), b. 9 May 1890

            Leon Cazes (from Salonique, Greece; Convoy 44,
            9 Nov. 1942; page 349 of Klarsfeld), b. 4 May 1901

            Estella Cazes (from Constantinople, Turkey; Convoy 75,
            30 May 1944; page ?? of Klarsfeld), b. 21 Dec 1906

            Maurice Cazes (from Nimes, France; Convoy 75,
            30 May 1944; page 568 of Klarsfeld), b. 5 May 1930

            Jacques Cazes (from Nimes, France; Convoy 75,
            30 May 1944; page 568 of Klarsfeld), b. 7 Jul 1932

        Names from "Register of Jewish Survivors: List of Jews Rescued
        in Different European Countries, 1945"

            "List of Yougoslavian Jewish Survivors" (page 225)

                Gizela Kazes-Klein (Belgrade)

            "List of Jewish Survivors in Milan" (pages 81 and 89)

                Adolfo [fu Giuseppe] Cases (b. 1902?)

                Ida [fu Pacificio] Cases (b. 1869)

                Carlo [fu Giuseppe] Cases (b. 1904?)

                Felice [fu Giuseppe] Cases (b. 1907?)

            "List of Jewish Survivors in Some Italian Cities" (pages 269
            and ?)

                "Different Cities of Northern Italy"

                    Argia Cases

                    Camila Cases

                    Emma Cases

                    Lodovico Cases

                    Ernestina Cases[-]Pellegrin

                city: Meran

                    Stella Cases

        Person listed in Moshe David Gaon, "Oriental Jews in Erets Yisrael"
        ("Yehudei haMizrah beErets), publ Jerusalem 1938 INF FROM

            Yosef Barukh Cazes (b Italy; d ?)

            David Cazes (b Tunis, ca end of 19th century; d ?; among
            Tunis rabbis; published some articles on Tunisian rabbis and
            their writings; rabbi and physician; Mantua chief rabbi)

            Levi Cazes (b ?; d ?; a rabbi; buried near the grave of his
            wife Malkuna), m. Malkuna (xxxx) Cazes

            Moshe Cazes (b ?; d ?; father of Rabbi Hanania, author of
            Kinat Sofrim, Livorno, 1740)

            Benyamin Cazes (b Andrinope; d ?; moved to Safed when

            Menahem Cazes (b Andrinople; d ?; among Andrinople

            Natan Cazes (b 1797; d ?; funeral oration said by Rabbi
            Abraham Strumza)

            Yitshak Cazes (b ?; d 17 Tevet 1758)

    Unknown region

        Rachel (Cazes) de Vidas (lived 1862-1938) (INFO FROM ALBERT
        DE VIDAS <erensia@aol.com>), m. Haim de Vidas

            Rafael de Vidas (died 1970), m. Sarah

                Henri de Vidas

            Sultan (de Vidas) Natash, m. xxxx Natash

            Israel de Vidas

        Israel Kazes (a rabbi) INFO FROM David Solomon
        <Sol2516171@aol.com> , m. xxxx Frankel (daughter of Herz
        Charif and Zechariah Mendel Frankel)

            Joseph Kazes (a rabbi)

        Sol Cazes (died 1993) (INFO FROM Victor Alkana
        <valkana@ix.netcom.com>), m. Gentile Levy (b. 1913)

            Maurice Cazes (b. 1943), m. Norma (Weiss) Cazes

                Dale Cazes

                Jamie Cazes

        Ana de Cazzeza (of Madridejos, sorcerer and trickster, to wear
        coroza--dunce's cap--lashes, and exiled; from "Auto General dela
        Fee," Toledo, Spain, 25 Nov 1691;

        father of Rosa, Fortuna, Estria, Rachel [INFO FROM Fanny

            2.Fortuna Kazez

            3.Estria Kazez

            4.Rachel Kazez

            1.Rosa (Kazez) Koronio, m. Avraham Koronio

                    Eliahu Koronio

                    Yaakov Koronio (d. 1968), b. 1888, m. Esther (Uriel)
                    Koronio (b. 1893; d. 1988)

                        Rosa (Koronio) Ashkenazi, m. Yehuda Ashkenazi

                            Esther Ashkenazi

                            Fanny Ashkenazi

                            Nisim Ashkenazi

                            Joya Koronio

                            Lily Koronio

                            Oro Koronio

        Moise Cazes (early 1900s, poet, listed in Benbassa, The Jews of
        the Balkans, page 111)

        P.J. Cazes, Leiut. in King's African rifales, recieved Military Cross
        INFO FROM MICHAEL ADLER'S British Jewry Book of Honour

        Peter Kazes (b. 1890, d. 1/13/1934, Putnam, CT) (INFO FROM
        NICKOLE KAZES havingfun147@aol.com), m. Irene (Duros)
        Kazes (b. 11/12/1899, d. 1/1979, Haverhill, MA)

            Augustus Kazes

            Diamond Kazes

            Helen Kazes

            John Kazes (2)

            Philip Kazes (2)

            Nicholas Kazes (d. 31 Mar 1978), b. 29 Dec 1920,
            m. Georgette (LaFlamme) Kazes (b. 9/21/1931)

                Daniel Kazes, b. 1953

                    Nickole Kazes

        Family Search

            Aaron Caces (m. Elizabeth Revel. m. 25 ago. 1720, from
            Family Search www.familysearch.org)

            Abraham Cassez (? father Cassez, Abraham; b. 1637 in Wosc,
            Canterbury, England, from Family Search

        Y/J Kazez Mordo [INFO FROM Leslie Oberman
        <oberman@mira.net>, 4 October 1999], m. xxxx Mordo

            Rachel Mordo Oberman, m. Yitzhak Oberman

        Yehuda Kazaz/Kazez [INFO FROM book, D.Rekanati, "Zikaron
        Saloniki"; via Shimon Ouziel <shimonoz@inter.net.il>]

            Shmuel ben Yehuda,Yehuda is the brother of Ytzchak b:1912

            Yaakov/Ytzchak Kazaz/Kazez (D:5295, President of the

    persons of historical significance

        Book: Moshé Cazés, Kolot mi-´Saloniki ha-Yehudit : keta`im
        meha-sedarot ha-hituliyot be-G'udezmo, Ti'o `Ezrah i su muz'er
        Benutah ve-Ti'o Bohor i su muz'er G'amilah / me-et Mosheh Kazis
        ; liket ve-hikdim mevo'ot David M. Bunis

        Cases/Cazez families of Mantua (also Ferrara, Florence; later:
        Turkey, Palestine; of primary importance 1500s to 1800s;
        especially Hananiah ben Menahem Cazes/Cases; maintained a
        private synagogue in Mantua until the 1900s) [INFO FROM
        Shlomo Simonsohn, "History of the Jews in the Duchy of Mantua,"
        1977 and from Jewish encyclopedias]

            Ishmael Cases (Mantua), m. Cinthia Rieti (m. 1595)

            Zerahi ben Mordecai Mahalalel Cases (Mantua)

                Solomon Rafael ben Zerahia Hai Cases (Mantua; Rabbi
                Aaron Cases was his uncle and brother-in-law; Haver,
                1734; Hacham, 1754; Rabbi, 1768; d. 1779)

            Aminadav Cases (Mantua; appointed
            "barber"/semi-physician to the poor, for an annual wage,
            2 Feb. 1620)

            Jacob Haim Cases (Mantua and Bolzano)

            Joseph ben Moses Cazes

            Eliezer ben Haim Cases (Mantua; alive in 1630)

            Joseph/Josef Baruch ben Moses/Mosé Cazes (Mantua;
            physician, Talmudist, leading rabbi; rabbi of Mantua, 1622
            to 1630; community scribe, late 1600s to early 1700s;
            compiled the communal regulations for taxation, 1626;
            qualified in medicine at the University of Siena, degree of
            doctor with permission of the Church, but forbidden to treat
            Christians; took up residence in Venice; called to Mantua, for
            rabbinical office and as physician to the poor; d. 1st of
            Teveth 1721, Mantua)

                Jacob Haim ben Joseph Baruch Cases (Mantua)

                Solomon ben Joseph Baruch Cases (Mantua)

                Aaron/Aron/Aharon ben Joseph Baruch Cases/Cazes
                (Mantua; rabbi, physician, scholar; awarded the title of
                "Haver," 1722; appointed "Hacham," 1729; ordained a
                rabbi, 1751; d. 29 Nov. 1767)

                Isaac ben Joseph Baruch Cases

                Israel Gedaliah/Ghedaljˆ ben Joseph Baruch Cazes
                (physician, Talmudist, chief rabbi at Mantua; wrote
                "Tefillot Libene [li-Bene] Yisrael K.K. Mantova"; also
                wrote something in 1738, Mantua; d. 21 Jan. 1793)

                    Ricca daughter of Israel Gedaliah Cases (Mantua;
                    m. 7 Mar. 1769), m. Menahem
                    Jedidia/Yedidiah/Yedidyah Cases
                    (Mantua; presumed to be the son of
                    Moses ben Joseph Baruch Cases)

                Moses ben Joseph Baruch Cases (Mantua; physician,
                1700s; studied medicine at university of Padua,
                qualified there 29 Apr. 1705, served as physician to
                the poor, and filled other offices in the community

                    Menahem Jedidia/Yedidiah/Yedidyah Cases
                    (Mantua; presumed to be the son of Moses ben
                    Joseph Baruch Cases), m. Ricca daughter of
                    Israel Gedaliah Cases (Mantua;
                    m. 7 Mar. 1769)

                    Israel Gedaliah/Ghedaljˆ (Laudadio) ben Moses
                    Cases (Mantua; son of Moses, grandson of Joseph a
                    leading rabbi and a physician, community scribe;
                    qualified in medicine at Univ. of Padua,
                    22 Dec. 1733; composed a song, "Lamnatseah
                    Bineginot," 19 Dec. 1754; pupil of Ariad Sar
                    Shalom ben Menahem Samson Basilea; wrote
                    "Sonnet to Maria Theresa"; wrote the medical
                    book "Giornale Medico Storico," Venice, 1776;
                    d. 21 Jan. 1793) Israel Gedaliah (Laudadio)
                    Cases = elder brother of "Menahem Yedidiah Cases
                    son of the physician Moses Cases ... with the
                    daughter of his older brother, Ricca, daughter of
                    Israel Gedaliah Cases" (p. 694)

                        Jacob ben Israel Gedaliah/Ghedaljˆ Cases
                        (Mantua; b. about 1760; physician and
                        rabbi; d. 1834)

                            Israel Gedalia (Claudio) ben Jacob Cases
                            (Mantua; b. 19 June 1794, Mantua;
                            took over his father’s position as grand
                            rabbi of Mantua, 1754 to 1793;
                            d. 1 Jan. 1841, Mantua)

                        Joseph Samuel ben Israel Gedaliah Cases
                        (Mantua; scholar, physician; great grandson
                        of Joseph Baruch ben Moses Cases; studied
                        medicine in Padua, at the expense ofthe
                        Mantuan community, qualified in 1765;
                        d. 1775/76)

            Menahem ben Elhanan Cazes (Ferrara; about 1610; noted
            Talmudist; author of commentaries on others’ Talmudic
            texts; Grand Rabbi at Modena/1642, and Ferrara/1655;
            d. after 1664)

                Hananiah/Channanjˆ ben Menahem Cases (Mantua;
                b. about 1660; noted physician and rabbi of Florence;
                celebrated writer; wrote "Kinath Soferim"/"Zeal of the
                Scribes," 1740; wrote a defense of the "Sefer
                Hamitzvoth" of Maimonides; I presume he is the son of
                Menahem ben Elhanan Cazes; d. about 1725)

            Nissim Cases (Mantua; rabbi at the same time as Rabbis
            Aaron Cases and Israel Gedaliah Cases, but paid less by

            Raphael Nehemiah ben Solomon Cases (Mantua; a witness in
            two tax-assessment complaints, 24 Feb. 1578 and
            13 Mar. 1578)

            Samuel ben Moses Cases/Cazes (Mantua; rabbi and halakhic
            scholar; editor of the "Meqor Hayyim"; rabbi in Mantua and
            Bologna, 1500s; contested provisions of the 1563 Council of
            Trent which affected the Talmud, traveled to Trent about
            30 Nov. 1563; involved in the Tamari-Venturozzo divorce
            affair; d. 7 Sept. 1572), m. Julia Cases (Mantua;
            wife/widow of Samuel ben Moses Cases)

                Luliane/Luliano/Lelio Shalom ben Samuel Cases
                (1600s; physician and scholar; author of "Derekh
                Yesharah," Mantua, 1626, a treatise on community

                    Shemaiah/Shemaya ben Luliano Shalom Cases
                    (12 Jan. 1622: took degree; Mantual mentioned
                    in 21 Nov. 1640 legal ruling)

                Moses ben Samuel Cazes (Mantua; also "Moses Cases";
                b. about 1560; took his degree, 11 Jan. 1586; noted
                rabbi at Mantua, 1586 to 1617, and Grand Rabbi there;
                physician; scribe, Talmudist, celebrated writer; head of
                the Mantua Yeshiva, 1500s; community leader during
                2nd half of 1500 to early 1600’s; first physician of the
                Cases family; brought out the Mantuan edition of the
                Michnahi, 1594; brother or cousin: Rabbi Luliano
                Shalom Cases, also a physician; d. 1617)

            Vita (Haim) ben Simon/Smauel Cases (Mantua; listed in a
            legal action, recorded as Vita/Haim ben Simon/Samuel ben
            Vita/Haim Cases, 27 Feb. 1520, 17 Jan. 1521; listed as a
            banker, 1529; will is read, benefiting the synagogue,
            9 Aug. 1540), m. Stella Cases (Mantua; listed as
            "widow of the late Haim Cases," 17 Jan. 1578)

            Vita (Haim) Cases (Mantua; mentioned in a legal action,
            29 Oct. 1558; physician, leading rabbi, late 1500s to early
            1600s; appointed rabbi of the community, 12 Jan. 1622;
            killed in the "events of 1630"; son: Shemaya; brother or
            cousin: Moses ben Samuel Cases)

                Carissima daughter(?) of Vita (Haim) Cases (Mantua)

                Lucina daughter (?) of Vita (Haim) Cases (Mantua)

        Menases ben Ibrahim al Kazaz (Syrian) [INFO FROM Elnecave, "Los

        physicians in Mantova [INFO FROM LUIGI GARNEVALI, "Il Ghetto
        di Mantova con Appendice sui Media Ebrei," 1878/1874, pp.
        49-50; these two people were "registered in the Record of
        Medical Doctors in the national Archive"]

            Iioseph Benedictus Cases, hebreus admissus 17 Jan. 1676

            Ioseph Cases, 9 June 1765

        Poland(?), possibly of Italian origin

            Joseph B. Abraham Case/Casa/Kaza/Cases (Poland; one of the
            foremost Polish rabbis and Talmudist, city rabbi of Posen;
            late 1500s to early 1600s; name Case/Kaza "most probably
            only a variant" of Cases, except that he called himself

                Solomon Case/Casa/Kaza/Cases (Poland; son of Joseph
                B. Abraham; d. 2 Jan. 1612, Lemberg)

        [INFO FROM Abramo Massarani, "L’Esilio e il Riscatto: Le Vicende
        degli Ebrei Mantovani tra il 1627 e il 1631" ("Exile and
        Redemption: The Story of the Mantuan Jews between 1627 and
        1631"), 1634]

            Luliano Pace Cases (Mantua; listed as a leader of the Jewish
            Community; same person as "Luliane/Luliano/Lelio Shalom
            ben Samuel Cases"?)

            Giacomo Vita Cases; Eliezer di Vita Cases.

            Eliezer di/ben Vita Cases (the author of this book, Abramo
            Massarani, in 1634 mentions Eliezer di Vita Cases as "my

            Giacomo Vita Cases (Bolzano; traveled to see the Archduke
            Leopold of Austria, to plead the case of the Jews in Mantua)

        Isaac Kagig/O Cazes (lived 1500s, Algiers) [INFO FROM Elnacave,
        "Los Hijos..."] , b. abt 1500

        Benjamin ben David Cazes (b. Adrianople/Edirne, Turkey; author
        of "Megillat Sefer"; Grand Rabbi of Safed; moved to
        Constantinople, 1730; d. 1749), b. 1680

        Elijah Kazaz (Karaite scholar; b. Armyanski, Crimea; author of
        many books on Judaism; d. 1912), b. 1832