Our Cities in Ukraine

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Here is where our families lived in Ukraine, up until about 1900. Blue dots and circles identify our cities:

Zaslav (now Izyaslav–"eez-yahs-LAHF")
Zaslav (now Izyaslav) was the birthplace and home of many of our Obermans. It was the known birthplace of:

Samuel and Eva Oberman
   Yetta Oberman Stein
      Sam, Frank, Rose, Sarah, Bessie Stein
   Joe Oberman
   Fannie Oberman
   Lillian Oberman
   Bertha Oberman
   Charlie Oberman
Jacob Oberman (brother of Samuel)
   Harry Oberman
   Mollie Oberman (daughter of Jacob)

Krasilov was the likely birthplace of:

Rachel Oberman (mother of Samuel and Jacob Oberman)

Krasilov was the possible birth place of:

Samuel Oberman (father of Yetta, Molly, Bertha, etc.)

Proskurov (now Khmelnitsky or Chemelinckij–"khmel-NITS-kee")
Proskurov (now Khmelnitsky or Chemelinckij) was the home of the Oberman-Sobles after about 1886 (that is, after Isaac Soble left Mogilev).

Proskurov was the birthplace and last European residence of the family of Molly Oberman Soble and Isaac Soble:

Clara Soble
Frank Soble
Jack Soble
Morris Soble
Saul Soble
Eva Soble
Hyman Soble
Sam Soble

Proskurov was the last European residence of:

Molly Oberman Soble and Isaac Soble

Mikolayev (now Nikolayev)
Mikolayev (now Nikolayev) was the birthplace of:

Shaya Lis
   Eva Lis Oberman (mother of Samuel; grandmother of Yetta, etc.)

Mikolayev was the likely birthplace of:

Max Stein (husband of Yetta Oberman Stein)

Mikolayev was the last European residence of:

Yetta Oberman Stein and Max Stein
   Sam Stein
   Frank Stein
   Rose Stein
   Sarah Stein
   Bessie Stein

Mikolayev was the European residence of:

Pinic Axmann (uncle of Yetta, Molly, Bertha, etc.)

Mogilev Podolskiy
Mogilev Podolskiy was the likely birthplace of:

Isaac Soble (husband of Molly Oberman Soble) and Isaac’s family

Medvedovka/Medvelivky was the possible birthplace of:

Jake Oberman
Herman Oberman

Here is a map showing the location of Medvedovka:

Here is a view of Europe. Our area is within the blue circle

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