One of my sculptures stands on a small plaza near the main square of the commercial and industrial zone in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem. I built it as a tribute to the builders of Jerusalem from the times of the Kingdom of Solomon, who built the temple on Mount Moriah, up to and including the builders of today. Since those times, the town has grown in all directions over the hills surrounding Jerusalem.

The sculpture represents what one might see through a telescope when watching a far-away galaxy which from the time of its inception continuously grows from the inside out, looking like a huge agitated mass. The background of the sculpture represents a stirring motion, matching the design on the floor.

In the lobby of the building, the floor is made of local marble, combined with imported, brown shaded marble, in the shape of the stirring motif. In the center of the stirring design is a verse written in copper lettering: "to build the house of carved stone" (Kings 1, 5:31).

A large modern builders' perpendicular or plumb bob hangs over the middle stirring assembly, representing a connection between the ancient and modern building professions. The main sculpture combines the words of the verse "four copper wheels to each machine" (Kings 1, 7:30), describing the ritual instruments in use in the Temple, as well as the industrial neighborhood of today's Talpiot. Four cogwheels are connected to one, as a modern interpretation to the ancient verse.


Are you interested in seeing Udi’s memorial garden and hearing about the development of Israel and several aspects of the garden which combine learning with art? Then click here and hold your breath!

Are you interested in Udi’s books on genealogy? Then click here and hold your breath!

Udi Cain (Ehud Chaikin)


Nonsensculptures | Sculptures | Old drawings


Three-dimensional, multi-meaning combinations of old or quaint objects, designed to change completely the meaning of the constituent parts. Humor and amusement are a none-too-subtle goal. Some are reminiscent of Edward Leer's nonsense poems, and others are like cryptic crosswords Each "nonsensesculpture" is a conglomeration of objects, presented as a decorative object, to be placed on a wall or shelf.

These "sculptural mutations" are a bit like "the immortal kitsch"; but they contain a deeper meaning too. Objects from different times and cultures are used to form a double meaning in a different connotation of language or culture. By mixing objects of different cultures and periods, this kind of art is an antithesis to culture and to art itself.



The Wanderings of the Diaspora Stars
April 2024

The Wandering Jew

Sixty percent Шестьдесят процентов

Sixty percent stop
Forty percent rest

January 2024

The shape of the “figure” that symbolizes the person standing “in red” all over the world.
Six Russian samovars produced before the Bolshevik revolution that had the “red” flag - symbolize the amount of water in a person.

Brass serpent’s skin on the tree of life
October 2023

Dedicated to Aesculapius

Numbers Chapter 21/9

“And Moses made a serpent of brass, and set it upon the pole; and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he looked unto the serpent of brass, he lived.”

Ringing of the bells of the city of York, England 16 March 1190
August 2023

Dedicated to Edith Piaf and the martyrs of the city of York

Hebron fantasy 24 Aug 1929
The moonlight over Kiryat Arba

Dedicated to Beethoven and the martyrs of Hebron


Censored Feedbacks

Möbius variation on Jacob’s dream

A Gust of Wind 2022 (Exaltation Four-on-four)
September 2022

Dedicated to Leonardo's aerial screw

Phoenician Wind Rose
January 2022

Dedicated to The Purple Rose of Cairo

The Planetary System Of The U.S.S.R.
December 2021

Water Fall
September 2021

Click here! Further to what is said here.

Laundry Day
September 2021

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Variation on Sin with two Bowls
February 2021

Dedicated to Ra

Guerre du Sinaï
January 2021

Dedicated to Le Grand Charles

December 2020

Dedicated to Sin

November 2020

Dedicated to François-René de Chateaubriand


Dedicated to Henri Ford I

A leg less chair for hanging on walls 1988
October 2020

A tribute to Lewis Carroll for The Hunting of the Snark

June 2020

Dedicated to the Wright brothers.

(Evolution of a dream)
June 2020

Dedicated to Carl Jung.
(Jacob’s Ladder)

June 2020

Dedicated to Jehu king of Israel

March 2020

Dedicated to my daughter Tabor who has been suffering from the fall disease since she was four years old.


Dinosaurs (Besuch im Bundestag)
January 2020

A chair in the Bund stag was sold-out
A short and dich man Er hat es gekauft

 Humpty Dumpty in the mockers seat sat
Konrad to his right and Willi to his left

Die Berliner Mauer ist abgestürzt
Humpty Dumpty wird zu einem Omelett

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, or set foot on the path of sinners, or sit in the seat of mockers. (Psalm 1:1)

A picture containing ground, building, floor

Description automatically generated

Eyes Cube
October 2019

"Eyes have they, but they see not" (Psalms 115)

The Lame Horse
June 2019

Dedicated to George Cruikshank

The reflection of the Walrus
or: The spirit of the Walrus
May 2019
Dedicated to Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

May 2019

Dedicated to Hugh Lofting

December 2017

The Phoenicians were part of the Hyksos invasion of Canaan. While the Hyksos, with the Israelis, continued their conquests in Egypt, the Phoenicians settled along the coast from the area of Herzliya, Israel to Latakiya, Syria. The Phoenicians engaged in trade in the Mediterranean and established colonies in Sicily, North Africa, and Spain. The Phoenician name comes from the Greek word Φοίνικε, which means purple, is due to their expertise in producing colours from marine snails. The Phoenicians are considered the inventors of pure glass from sea sand and lime, to which they added various shades and made glass vessels in which they traded. The Phoenician alphabet is almost identical to the ancient Hebrew alphabet that was used about 1,000 years B.C., until the time of the Second Temple period.

This work ҐhoeniciansӠstands as a blue monument that demonstrates the colour of the sky, but also the colour of water. The white simulates the clouds carried by the wind like the Phoenician ships but also the ripples of the waves that were split by the shipsՠbows. The structure is a reminiscent of milestones and signs of intersections, as well as a monument. The inscription is in Phoenician in crimson shade. The structure reminds of a bottle dryer facility and is dedicated to Marcel Duchamp.

The preoccupation with Phoenicians, which dwelled in the area close to Nahariya today, but also in modern Morocco, reminds us of the work of the artist Jack Zano, which is influenced by his childhood in Morocco, as well as the views of the town of Shelomi, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, close to the Lebanese border. Therefore, the work is also dedicated to my dear friend Zano.

The Departure From Heaven: Neolithic Revolution
November 2017

Dedicated to Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian is known for being one of the pioneers of 20th century abstract art, as he changed his artistic direction from figurative painting to an increasingly abstract style, until he reached a point where his artistic vocabulary was reduced to simple geometric elements.

Design historian Stephen Bayley said: 'Mondrian has come to mean Modernism. His name and his work sum up the High Modernist ideal. I donմ like the word ԩconicլ so letճ say that heճ become totemic – a totem for everything Modernism set out to be. [source:  Wikipedia]

Cave Painting

Fire-fighter Steam Drone
November 2017

Dedicated to Otto Lilienthal & Leonardo da Vinci

Fire-fighting drone, moving by steam jets from spouts.
Its tail contains reserve water to fill the kettles.
Method of operation: flight by steam power, landing on a cloud for filling water and continue flying until the next cloud.
Designation: Mythical fighting against lightning fire in cloudy skies



The Tabernacle: Hebraica III
August 2017

When the Israelites arrived in Canaan, around the 19th century B.C.E., they were exposed to the wine ritual, adopted it and since then they drink in special events. The Hebrew phrase  חג ומועד (Ҩoly holidayө means literally get dizzy, turn around themselves and fall. The Israelites went on with their conquests and took control over the Nile Delta until the eruption of the island of Santorini in 1580 B.C.E. when they were forced to flee from the Delta area both due to the mighty tsunami that caused enormous damages (see the story of the Ten Plagues), and due to the awakening of the people of Upper Egypt whom the Israelites drove south some 250 years before the eruption and their desire to take revenge and destroy the Israelites, a desire that existed hundreds of years and also appears in Pharaoh Merneptah Stele over 300 years after the Israelites left Egypt. They wandered in deserts for many years, and in their desire to continue keeping the wine ritual in the desert where there is no shade or place to hide they built the Tent of Meeting (aka Tabernacle)—where people get drunk and spring their ankles) to meet in and drink wine and fall in a controlled manner.

Get an idea about the look of the Tabernacle.
Read about the Tabernacle at Wikipedia.

The Laughter of the Fool

As the crackling of thorns (Sarcopoterium) under a pot, so is the laughter of the foolɠ(Ecclesiastes, Chapter 7)

The Fool ~ Elvis Presley
The Fool (Tarot card)


Dedicated to my late dear cousin Ezra (Bill) Aaronson who once sent me a cartoon which an important fact. Bill (1920–2014) held four doctorate degrees and he was a Major in the British army and after the Israeli Independents war became a Colonel in IDF.

L'Animateur - The Animator - Der Trickzeichner

Genesis Chapter 6
4 The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.

Transceiver for The Song of the Universe

Janna Levin: The sound the universe makes

Two hundred ninety and nine millions
Seven hundred ninety and two thousands
Four hundred fifty six meters –
from second to its secondary from year to years.

From a flow of corpuscles stream –
To an electromagnetic energy ray of light,
Scurries a hasty transcendental beam
To its youthful twilight.

An old quasar with his sole eye winks
A black hole emitting sounds of swallow
The galactic mixer only vibration transmits
Like a lost interstellar radiated radio.

And there was light and let there be night
And he on his foundation lies, and she deep into his belly fliesɼo:p>

Holy Shit

Monty Python - He must be a king

Mind-reading & Brain-washing Machine

Bellboy / Y.M.C.A.

Bells Concert in Y.M.C.A.
Thank you Federico Fellini for La Dolce Vita

Ascensionis Domini

Dedicated to George Mallory Hendee and Leonardo da Vinci.

The baldheadճ vision
Neither she-bears nor woods

The Twins: Jachin & Boaz

Kings 1, chapter 7: 21: ҁnd he set up the pillars at the porch of the temple, and he set up the right pillar, and called the name thereof Jachin; and he set up the left pillar, and called the name thereof Boaz.ӠThe Hebrew word Ҽspan class=SpellE>Jachinӊ יכין means: ҧet readyӠor ҰrepareӠand since Israel is a nation of fighters and had to fight with most of their neighbors, they had primarily been Ҳeady for battle.ӠTherefore, the name Ҽspan class=SpellE>JachinӠgiven to the first pillar represents the leader of the people, the one who prepares them for fight and leads them to battles. The second pillar connects the nation to sanctity and spirituality, just like the style of temple pillars of the surrounding ancient tribes at the time, pillars of temples of the Ionic order had heads for pillars with the horns of a goat (Capra aegagrus), which were originally the symbol for ғinӠthe ancient Moon God. The name Ҽspan class=SpellE>bo-ezӠבו-עז meant ҧoat in it.ӠThe Hebrew Ҽspan class=SpellE>bo-ozӠis written the same way as Ҽspan class=SpellE>bo-ez,Ӡbut means ҳtrength in it,ӊ just like ҂oazӠwhich goes well with the biblical verse in Psalms Chapter 29:11: Ҕhe LORD will give strength unto His people; the LORD will bless his people with peace.ӠThat means, to my understanding, that the left, and second pillar represents the people of Israel upon whom lies the responsibility of peace making. The house was basically built of logs: ҆or he built the building beams with wood from the trees of Lebanon: their length thereof was a hundred cubits, the breadth was fifty cubits, and the height was thirty cubits, resting upon four rows of cedar pillars, with cedar beams upon the pillars.ӠI therefore made both pillars of wood:

General Cedrus Deodara
Dedicated to Jacob Farj Rafael:

Goat in it
Dedicated to Menashe Kadishman:

Dedicated to Miguel de Cervantes and to Robert Rauschenberg &

The Parrot's Place
Dedicated to Enrico Caruso

A free mason in his closet trapped
In the symbols of his order wrapped

The outcry on the torture wheel
and auto-da-fe ritual Senses He Still
The destruction of the templeճ knights
by Philip Le Bel's soldats

Hundreds of years the Masonճ destiny doomed
The temple was broken and been ravaged
And he had been hiding in his world
But to his peak he will come out of caged

A free mason exiles in his hide
Was thrown from his land and trapped in his closet
Years have gone by and many generations have died
But his strength lies in keeping the secret

From the secret and the depth
raised the rebels against tyranny
George Washington and his group
Established the greatest country

A free mason from the destruction arose
"To renew the temple" came the command
But the horrors of Rome, continue Allah
and again the enemy is in the mason's yardɼo:p>

A free mason against his fate stands
The Judeans are back, and the mason their support
It's time for the battle to end
And Israel nation will safely lodge


The Romans of Rome loved the Gladiator games
And love making on every floor of the insula.
Target-recruited Romans bred in the insula
Who conquered the world but their urges remained in the insula

The Egyptian Prince
An homage to the Brothers Grimm
Thus spoke the frog to the princess
Kiss my head, I am what you guess

The princess was happy and very much elated
The frog is her prince for whom she had waited

With her enthusiastic kiss she nevertheless
Simply cracked its brain into one big mess

The Moral:

Every frog splashing around in the pond
the egg is their origin, not the kingճ rod

Forged Frog


The ancient Romans used the word ҴriviaӠto describe where one road split or forked into two roads. Trivia was formed from tri (three) and via (road); therefore, literally meaning Ҵhree roads.ӠIt is speculated that in road splits or ҴriviaӠwere resting places where travelers paused to have small talk before continuing on their separate ways. (Wikipedia)

Chairman Of The Board II
Dedicate to Roderic Llanol

Spring Time II (2015)
Primavera 1492
An homage to Robert Hooke

Austerity (2015)
Dedicated to Bernard Joseph
During the early fifties, there was an austerity in the new state of Israel, a water shortage in Jerusalem was among the other problems and one method that housewives including my dear mother adopted was that after washing the kids with water which were pumped from the cistern they used them to wash the laundry on Primus and at the end of the process were used to clean the floors.

Fodder (2014)
Homage to: Franois-Ren de Chateaubriand

Forded (2014)
Homage to: Henry I

Well on the way
Head in a cloud (2014)
Dedicated to my late friend Prof. Amnon Rosenfeld



Indian on Redwood (2014)

Electric Threshing Board (2014)
From electric field to electric arc


Homage to Vincent van Goghճ Three Novels (oil on panel, 31 x 48.5 cm):

PLO (2014)

HUDU (2014)

Homage to John Tenniel:

With the help of the craftsman Lemuel Shabtai.

Deus Ex Machina II

Sirtaki based
Jewish Dance (2014)

An oil barrel was painted yellow
Liquid gold letters wrote:

A stone head assembled on washing drum

҈EBRAICAӼ/span> (2014)

With the help of the craftsman Lemuel Shabtai.

Ґaranoidճ PigmentsӠ(2013)
Homage to: Black Sabbath

From The British cuisine: Astrophyton muricatum
Homage to:
Sir Henry Channon MP (7 March 1897 – 7 October 1958)
Also fondly remembered is:
Ambassador Charles Eustis Bohlen (August 30, 1904 – January 1, 1974)

Teufels-insel (2013)

Troy (2013)

Mount The High Horse

Sagarmatha (2013)

Beatitude (2013)

Head Stand [Gandharan Heteropoda maxima] (2012)

At The Circus (2012)
Horse Feathers

Hans Christian Anubis [Canis aureus lupaster] (2012)

The Swan song [cygnus bewickii]
The Ugly Duckling one bright day
In search of breakfast went astray

Hans C. A. met the walking meal
With no hesitation aimed to kill

Cooked it well, washed down with ale
Ate the duckling... and wrote its tale

The Omega Dilemma (2012)

Bangee (2012)

Snatch (2012)

Homage to Galileo Galilei (2011)

Tis the final conflict,
Let each stand in his place.
The Industrial Union
shall be the human race.

Ancestors Tree (2011)

SINGER (2011)


The Great War (2011)

Left In Foliation
Middle Dicke Bertha
Right Hindsight prophecy

The Great War (2011)

Left In Foliation

Deutschland Deutschland ber Alles
Alles in Ordnung if out stays flation
If it manages to slip in, then like the homeless
Once again it experiences the same reaction

One two three and four
Hitler went on a Palestine tour
They sought for him but couldnմ find
ԃos mice had eaten him from behind

The Great War (2011)

Middle Dicke Bertha

My great grandfather Adolf Nathanson
fought for the Fritz in WW I
while fighting over a bridge, he was gone
from a shell that blew off, leaving none

To his right is my grandfatherճ Uncle Paul
he was an upright German and a good soldat
fought in the Great War too but crushed like a bug
by the Nazis who killed him with just a shrug

The Great War (2011)

Right Hindsight prophecy

Paper money circulated in the year nineteen hundred and eight
ninety thousand dollars in two thousand and ten if to gold converted
though only before WW I — after that date it was too late
but he who converted and kept the gold, would have been elatedɼo:p>

If my grandmother had had wheels she could have gone to Jerusalem.

she was born six years before these notes were spread,

it took twenty five more years when the Nazional Teutonic Gang grabbed the helm

for her to leave the Deutsches Vaterland and arrive at the Promised Land

An anti – Lope (Neapolitan) (2010)

Game instructions
Dark squares for movement of antelopes.
Pale squares for grass to the antelopes.
Beware the Jabberwocky.
Beware the Jubjub Bird.

Hade Emblems (2010)

Predator dodges meeting on ascension of Green Mountain (859 m)—association with Megiddo Mountain (187 m) and Eschatological "hell-met"

Memo (2010)

Deus Ex Machina (2010)

left: The Canaanite god Ҽspan class=SpellE>ReshefӠfrom 3000 BCE

right: Motometer, Dog Bone Hood Ornament Radiator Mascot / Thermometer by ҁmericanӠfrom 1920 CE


Deus Ex Machina (2010)


Little Green M.E.N (2009)

Maimonides (2008)


Maimonides (2008)


Little Green Man (2008)

Cutterpeeler (2006)

Who can afford an odd old Ford (2006)

A. "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wantsɦquot;

B. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

A Gesture to Ladino (2005)

The Language of "The Errant Jew" of Spain.

Comparative Measuring.
Comparison of energy to distance.
The measuring tool contains 100 milliliter of beans. Every cubic milliliter of beans produces 2 calories, altogether 200 calories.
By walking three kilometer, the body burns 200 calories.
Conclusion: 100 milliliter of beans equal three kilometers.

Slow Pigeon (1999)


Slow Pigeon (1999)

Canմ Make Head or Tail of It (1998)

Little Green Ming (1996)

Algometer (1994)

Pistil (1993)

Penicillate (1993)

Roll-Britania (1993)

A Horse of Another Color (1992)

Horsefeathers (1992)

Horse fly
Fly wheel
Wheel horse

King Saul (1992)




Picklock (1992)

Headache / Capsulitis (1992)

Handicap (1992)

All My Eggs (1992)

Perpetuum-Mobile (1992)

Piss-Off (1992)


Niagara (1989)

Egregious (1989)

Horscope (1989)

Chairman of the Board (1989)


Relatively Totem (1988)

One-stone statue
displays a statute
of much stature.

Buccinal-Trumpery (1988)

Jouster Joe Pops the Pope (1988)


Fire! (1988)



May Flowers (2009)
Arum Massachusetts

Ironic Tree (Adansonia digitata Ferrum) (2007)

Masonic Pendelumantis (2005)

Mbius ex-machina (2004)

Four Copper Wheels to Each Machine (1994)

in the lobby

Four Copper Wheels to Each Machine (1994)

adorned with the artist's family

Four Copper Wheels to Each Machine (1994)


Spring Time (1992)

an homage to Will Shakespeare

In spring time, the only pretty ring time,
When birds do sing, hey ding a ding a ding;
Sweet lovers love the spring

Domestic Quasar (1989)

Two hundred ninety and nine millions
Seven hundred ninety and two thousands
Four hundred fifty six meters –
from second to its secondary from year to years.

From a flow of corpuscles stream –
To an electromagnetic energy ray of light,
Scurries a hasty transcendental beam
To its youthful twilight.

An old quasar with his sole eye winks
A black hole emitting sounds of swallow
The galactic mixer only vibration transmits
Like a lost interstellar radiated radio.

And there was light and let there be night
And he on his foundation lies, and she deep into his belly fliesɼ/p>

Le Grand CHARLLES (1989)

PomPi d'ou (1989)

Old drawings


The Watermelon Eater (1971)

Pets (1971)

Zoo Walker (1971)

Through the Looking Glass (1971)

Fast Food (1971)

Fish Eye (1971)


Photos by Hanan Dynel.